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  • Pennsylvania Ammo Vending Machine Sparks Controversy

    You have to love this — a shooting facility in Western Pennsylvania has its own ammo vending machine. This is the same kind of machine normally used to sell snack foods. But at the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club (BVRPC), you can get .38... Read more

  • Test Shots Fired at Talladega’s Electronic Targets

    CMP Board Members and a few CMP staff members enjoyed a visit to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park yesterday. They fired a few shots downrange from the 200-yard line. Here’s an image from the Kongsberg electronic target system. Shot impacts are precisely triangulated with sonic... Read more

  • Creedmoor Sports Has Lake City (Federal) XM855 Ammo

    You probably know by now that the ATF is seeking comments on a proposed regulation that would ban the importation and sale of M855 steel-core 5.56x45mm ammunition. The ATF has proposed banning this “green-tip” ammo (and similar products) on the grounds that it is “armor... Read more

  • How Ballistic Coefficent Varies with Twist Rate (Stabilization)

    By Bryan Litz, Applied Ballistics Last month, in the Daily Bulletin, we talked about twist rate and muzzle velocity. That discussion was based on a detailed study published in Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting. More Spin, Less Drag In this article, we look at... Read more

  • New Gun Auction Website Offers Free Basic Listings

    Tired of paying hefty fees to Gunbroker.com? Well there’s a new auction website, GunPalace.com, that lets you sell guns and gear at low cost (basic listings are free). Notably, GunPalace.com does not charge the typical final sales fees imposed by most auction sites. (Those charges... Read more

  • Swivel Bipod Locking Handle Options

    If you’ve ever used a Harris Swivel Bipod, you know that, without tools, it is difficult to put enough tension on the swivel locking knob to really lock the unit solid. And, if you do manage to get the knob really tight (perhaps by using... Read more

  • AR-15 Bolt Sheds Lugs — Can You Figure Out What Happened?

    Black Rifle Gone Bad… Take a close look at this AR-15 bolt. Notice something missing — namely all the lugs? A healthy AR-15 bolt has seven (7) bearing lugs (plus an extractor hump). For all seven lugs to have sheared “clean off”, something serious must... Read more

  • Texas Triumph: 3600-Yard Shot with .375 CheyTac

    They say “things are bigger in Texas”. Well shots are longer too. In this video, a shooter successfully hits a 1-MOA target at 3600 yards with a .375 CheyTac rifle. That required plenty of elevation to compensate for the bullet’s drop over its 2.045 mile... Read more