Bulletin USA Wins Creedmoo Cup, .22 LR Monster Test, 6.5x47 Cartridge Guide

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  • Nearly a Third of Americans Own Guns

    As an American firearms owner, you’re in good company. A new Columbia University Study indicates that nearly 30% of American adults own at least one gun. As you might expect, state gun ownership rates varied greatly. States with low population density showed a higher percentage... Read more

  • AR Brass Catcher — Great Accessory for Under Ten Bucks

    If you shoot an AR-platform rifle, you definitely need one of these gadgets. A brass-catcher keeps your brass in good shape and saves you the hassle of picking up fired cases. Moreover, nearby shooters no longer have to fear being pelted with your hot brass.... Read more

  • The 6mm Super LR — .243 Winchester Made Better

    In our Forum recently, there was a discussion about “improved” cartridges based on the .243 Winchester parent case. One popular such cartridge is the Super LR, a 30° long-necked wildcat. The 6mm Super LR was developed by Robert Whitley, who wanted something similar to the... Read more

  • Yanks Win Creedmoor Cup Match in Ireland

    ... Read more

  • Season 4 of NRA All Access Television Begins July 1st

    One episode features target shooting with an Eliseo Tube Gun. Season 4 of the NRA All Access television series kicks off July 1st, on the Outdoor Channel. This season the popular show will feature many competitive disciplines, including 3-Gun, High Power, Vintage Rifle, Action Pistol,... Read more

  • California’s Lead Ammo Hunting Ban Goes into Effect

    If you’re hunting in California, you better start using lead-free ammo. Starting July 1, 2015, “certified” non-lead ammunition will be required when hunting on all California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) lands and for all Nelson bighorn sheep hunts anywhere in the state. CDFW... Read more

  • Applied Ballistics Tests 50+ Types of .22 LR Rimfire Ammo

    Photo shows Bryan Litz (on right) and tester Mitchell Fitzpatrick. Bryan said: “Only 2,445 rounds to go! We’re testing over 50 ammo types in five different twist barrels… science can be exhausting!” Do you know the actual BC (Ballistic Coefficient) of your rimfire ammunition? Well... Read more

  • Stangskyting — Amazing Bolt Action Rifle Speed Shooting

    How fast can you shoot a bolt-action rifle? We doubt you can out-pace the ace “Stangskyting” shooters from Scandinavia. Some of these guys can run more than two rounds per second, including mag changes! That’s impressive. Bulletin reader C. Lemmermann from Denmark told us: “In... Read more