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  • Buying a First Handgun — The Rational Wheelgun Option

    In recent years, the ranks of first-time handgun buyers have grown dramatically. Thousands upon thousands of Americans are purchasing their first-ever pistol. With so many handgun options available these days (from derringers to Desert Eagles) many first-time buyers have trouble making a choice. A close... Read more

  • Haul 4 Pistols Securely in Specialized Handgunner Backpack

    Here’s a handy product for pistol shooters and 3-Gun competitors. The NRA Handgunner Backpack provides a convenient transport solution for your pistols, magazines, and assorted range gear. This product offers all the carrying capacity of a large range bag, in a design that, when worn... Read more

  • Amazing Price: $49.99 AR-15 Stripped Lower at Brownells NOW

    Got fifty bucks? Well that’ll buy you an AR Lower this week. Quite simply, this is the best AR deal we’ve seen this year, and one of the best values on a firearm receiver we can remember. Right now, while supplies last, Brownells.com is offering... Read more

  • Kirsten Weiss Cuts Cards, Annie Oakley-Style

    Kirsten Joy Weiss is a phenomenal off-hand rifle shooter. In this video, Kirsten performs a classic Annie Oakley trick shot, cutting a playing card in half with a bullet. Splitting a playing card would be hard enough with a scoped rifle shot from the bench.... Read more

  • Varmint Hunter Magazine — Get Free Digital Editions

    For many years, the Varmint Hunters Association (VHA) has produced an excellent print periodical, The Varmint Hunter Magazine. Along with hunting stories, the magazine features articles about precision reloading and methods for accurizing rifles. The Varmint Hunter Magazine is available by subscription, and you can... Read more

  • Ultrasonic Case Cleaning — How to Get Better Results

    Sooner or later you’ll want to clean your rifle brass, even if you aren’t fussy about appearance. You can tumble your cases in a vibratory tumbler with dry media, but that can leave cases with a fine layer of dust, or worse yet, clogged flash... Read more

  • Quick Comparison of Popular 6.5mm Rifle Cartridges

    Chart created with Ammoguide’s Visual Comparison Tool. Visit Ammoguide.com to learn more. by Eben Brown, EABCO.com, (E. Arthur Brown Co. Inc.) The current popularity of 6.5mm cartridges in the USA has been a long time in coming. I won’t go into my opinions on why... Read more

  • Holy Benjamins! $200 Rebate on HK Pistols and MR Rifle

    Two Hundred Bucks. A Pair of Benjamins. Now THAT’s a serious rebate. Save now with the HK Days Rebate Program. Here’s how it works. If you purchase a new, qualifying Heckler & Koch firearm, you will receive a Visa Card with $200.00 worth of built-in... Read more