Bulletin Wind-Reading Video, IBS 600-yd Nationals, Hornady 2015 Products

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  • Quick Comparison of Popular 6.5mm Rifle Cartridges

    Chart created with Ammoguide’s Visual Comparison Tool. Visit Ammoguide.com to learn more. by Eben Brown, EABCO.com, (E. Arthur Brown Co. Inc.) The current popularity of 6.5mm cartridges in the USA has been a long time in coming. I won’t go into my opinions on why... Read more

  • Holy Benjamins! $200 Rebate on HK Pistols and MR Rifle

    Two Hundred Bucks. A Pair of Benjamins. Now THAT’s a serious rebate. Save now with the HK Days Rebate Program. Here’s how it works. If you purchase a new, qualifying Heckler & Koch firearm, you will receive a Visa Card with $200.00 worth of built-in... Read more

  • Storage Sacks for Firearms in Your Safe

    Our take on Bore-Store Gun sleeves is simple: They work great, so buy them and use them — for ALL your valuable firearms. These thick, synthetic-fleece sacks cushion your guns, preventing nicks and scratches. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture, and the fibers are coating... Read more

  • IMR Introduces New Enduron Powders: 4166, 4451, 7977

    IMR is bringing out a new series of advanced-formulation extruded powders. In 2015, IMR will introduce three (3) new Enduron powders: IMR 4166, IMR 4451, and IMR 7977. The new line of IMR Enduron powders feature small kernels for easy metering, plus a built-in copper... Read more

  • Watch and Read: Chris Cheng and Kelly Bachand Explain I-594

    Washington State Ballot Initiative 594, otherwise known as I-594, is bad news. This poorly-written proposed law puts dramatic restrictions on gun owners. I-594 could criminalize many traditional types of shooting activities (including training with shared firearms). I-594 is so sweeping and vague that law enforcement... Read more

  • Shooting Skills: Reading the Wind When Hunting

    Thomas Haugland, a Shooters’ Forum member from Norway, is a long-range target shooter and hunter. He has created an interesting video showing how to gauge wind velocities by watching trees, grass, and other natural vegetation. The video commentary is in English, but the units of... Read more

  • Timney Triggers Made with State-of-the-Art Automated Machinery

    For years, Timney triggers have been popular drop-in upgrades for hunting rifles, rimfire rifles, and AR platform rifles. To meet the demand for its many trigger products, Timney Triggers has expanded its operation, adding state-of-the-art CNC machines and other high-end, automated equipment. A far cry... Read more

  • Care and Feeding of the 50 BMG — A Look at Big Bore Shooting

    A while back we published an Introduction to .50-Caliber Shooting authored by James Patterson. James has written a companion piece for Sinclair’s Reloading Press that covers the “care and feeding” of the big .50 Cal match rifles. Owning and Feeding ‘The Big Bore’ Is The... Read more