Bulletin USA Wins Creedmoo Cup, .22 LR Monster Test, 6.5x47 Cartridge Guide

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  • ABM Ammo Releases .260 Rem Ammunition with Berger Hybrids

    Many tactical shooters have adopted the .260 Remington as an alternative to the heavier-recoiling .308 Winchester. The .260 Rem has also performed well in the hands of long-range High Power shooters such as SSG Sherri Jo Gallagher, past National High Power Champion. The .260 Remington... Read more

  • John Krieger Talks about Barrel-Making

    At SHOT Show 2013 we had the chance to chat with legendary barrel-maker John Kreiger of Krieger Barrels. In this wide-ranging interview, John addressed a number of questions our readers often pose…. What is better for a 6mm, 0.236″ land or 0.237″ land? What are... Read more

  • RifleShooter.com Reviews New .30-Cal 175gr Tipped MatchKings

    We know our readers are curious about the new Tipped MatchKings (TMKs) introduced by Sierra Bullets this year. Our friend Bill at Rifleshooter.com got hold of some of the .30-Cal 175-grain TMKs and tested them in his .308 Win rifle. He found the bullets were... Read more

  • National Matches Commence at Camp Perry on July 6th

    The Yankee Lady, a restored B-17G Bomber, will wow the crowd at Camp Perry. First Shot Ceremony at Camp Perry The NRA National Rifle and Pistol Matches kick off Monday, July 6, 2014 at Camp Perry with the First Shot Ceremony. This will be a... Read more

  • Celebrate Independence Day — And Remember our History

    Today, July 4th, we are celebrating a special birthday — the launching of a new nation that would become the world’s greatest exemplar of freedom and democracy. It is easy to lose sight of the challenges that faced our fore-fathers, and the continuing burdens we... Read more

  • Need Powder? Check out Midsouth Shooters Supply

    It’s July 4th, that means fireworks displays. What better time to order up some gunpowder? We’re pleased to report that Midsouth Shooters Supply has received some big shipments from the major powder makers. In stock now at Midsouth are many of the most popular accuracy... Read more

  • Leupold VX-6 7-42x56mm Scope Test by Target Shooter UK

    Our friend Vince Bottomley has reviewed the Leupold VX-6 7-42x56mm scope for Target Shooter Magazine, a UK-based webzine. Vince put Leupold’s new 7-42X through its paces, testing its suitability for F-Class competition. Vince liked the scope. The glass was bright and the clicks were repeatable.... Read more

  • Download Free 2015 Alliant Powders Reloading Guide

    You can quickly access loads for Alliant powders via Alliant’s Online Reloader’s Guide. There you’ll find hundreds of recipes for rifle loads, pistol loads, and shotshell loads. While it’s handy to use the Alliant website when you have a live connection, you can also download... Read more