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  • Vintage Sniper Rifle Match at Camp Perry July 24th

    This upcoming Monday, July 24th, the CMP hosts the Vintage Sniper Rifle Match at Camp Perry. One of the most popular vintage rifle matches held each summer at Perry, this is a two-man team competition using scoped rifles of WWI and WWII Vintage. Many competitors... Read more

  • Gun Digest Bullet Selection Book Is Valuable Resource

    Want to know how bonded hunting bullets are made, or why plastic tips make varmint bullets more “explosive”? Do you need help selecting a projectile for your next Elk hunt? Then you may want to pick up a copy of Understanding Ballistics: Complete Guide to... Read more

  • Great Performances at Camp Perry and Camp Atterbury

    There have been some great performances this week at the CMP and National Matches, both in Ohio and Indiana. At Camp Perry, SFC Brandon Green has won the National Trophy Individual (NTI) Match with a new record score of 499-30X. Brandon shot a stellar score... Read more

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Progressive Press — PowerUser Tips

    Blue, Red, Green — There are many Progressive Press options on the market… When you need ammo fast — lots of ammo, it’s hard to beat a progressive reloading press for output. We use progressive presses to load handgun ammo and .223 Rem cartridges for... Read more

  • Crosman All-American Field Target Championship July 21-23

    The Crosman All-American Field Target Championship, the biggest event of its kind in the USA, kicks off tomorrow, July 21st, in New York state. The event, which runs through Sunday the 23rd, attracts top airgun shooters from around the nation. The Crosman All-American Field Target... Read more

  • Can We Predict Useful Barrel Life? Insights from Dan Lilja

    Barrel-maker Dan Lilja’s website has an excellent FAQ page that contains a wealth of useful information. On the Lilja FAQ Page as you’ll find informed answers to many commonly-asked questions. For example, Dan’s FAQ addresses the question of barrel life. Dan looks at factors that... Read more

  • Smallbore National Championships — SSUSA.org Report

    Photo courtesy Shooting Sports USA. The NRA National Smallbore Championships (Conventional and Metric) took place July 8-17 at the Wa-Ke’-De Range in Bristol, Indiana. The NRA’s Shooting Sports USA website has extensive coverage of the event written by correspondent Hap Rocketto. CLICK HERE to Read... Read more

  • Winchester .22 LR Rimfire Ammo in Wood Box

    500 Rounds in Limited Edition Wood Box for just $35.99 Here’s a great offer for fun-shooting/plinking rimfire ammo. You get 500 rounds of Winchester Super-X HV ammo for just $35.99. What’s more, you get a collectible, Winchester-branded wood box as part of the deal. Inside... Read more