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  • Getting Started in F-Class Competition (F-TR and F-Open)

    Our friend Vince Bottomley in the UK has written an excellent article for Target Shooter Magazine. Vince offers “solid-gold” advice for new F-TR and F-Open shooters. Vince reviews the cartridge options, and offers suggestions for a shooter’s first (and hopefully affordable) F-Class rifle. Vince also... Read more

  • Bullet Concentricity and Related Issues

    Sinclair International has released an interesting article about Case Concentricity* and bullet “run-out”. This instructional article by Bob Kohl explains the reasons brass can exhibit poor concentricity, and why high bullet run-out can be detrimental to accuracy. Concentricity, Bullet Alignment, and Accuracy by Bob Kohl... Read more

  • New Lever-Arm Precision Primer Press from Bullets.com

    Bullets.com has released a new, advanced handle-actuated primer seating device. Bullets.com President Shiraz Balolia tells us: “We have designed a new bench-mounted Bald Eagle Primer Press. It seats primers very consistently and you can adjust the depth of the primer in .002″ increments. I have... Read more

  • Cortina’s Corner: ChargeMaster Tips (The Trickle Test)

    Note that Erik has fitted a cartridge tip on his RCBS ChargeMaster’s dispensing tube. Erik Cortina has been fiddling around with his RCBS ChargeMaster and he discovered something interesting. Through a series of tests he determined that the ChargeMaster dispensed slightly more precise charges when... Read more

  • Tube TECH: How to Configure Eliseo Tubegun for Prone Shooting

    This 2010 story is reprinted at readers’ request. In the past few years, tubeguns have really taken over in high power circles. At many matches you’ll see more tubeguns than conventional prone rifles, and a high percentage of those tubeguns will have been built using... Read more

  • Hornady Video Shows How Ammunition is Made

    If you wonder how ammo is made, starting with raw metal, check out this video from Hornady. It shows how bullet jackets are formed from copper, followed by insertion of a lead core. The jacket is then closed up over the core with the bullet... Read more

  • Forum Member Builds His Own High-Quality Front Rest

    You have to admire someone with serious do-it-yourself skills. Not just hammer and nail skills, but formidable design and fabrication skills. Well Forum Member Dave D. (aka “AKShooter”) has a DIY skill set that might put some trained machinists to shame. You see, “DIY Dave”... Read more

  • Weaver Rail Adapters for Top-Grooved Receivers

    Here’s a useful, cost-efficient product if you have a rifle with a 3/8″ dovetail on top of the action and you want to use a scope with Weaver-style rings. Kwik-Site offers three grooved receiver adapter products. The first is a two-piece set of short rails... Read more