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  • Texas Teen Wins National Smallbore 3P Championship

    by Lars Dalseide for NRABlog.com For the first time in decades, NRA’s Smallbore 3-Positions Championships have departed the wind and shores of Camp Perry for the peaceful pines of the Wa Ke’ De range. With 100 shooting points, permanent cover, and a considerable asphalt firing... Read more

  • SASS End of Trail Featured on Shooting USA

    This Wednesday, July 23rd, on the Outdoor Channel, Shooting USA features End of Trail, the Cowboy Action World Championship. Hosted annually at the SASS Founders Ranch in New Mexico, End of Trail attracts nearly 1,000 shooters, hailing from 50 states and many foreign countries. SASS,... Read more

  • Muzzle Brake Performance Tests by Bertalotto

    Muzzle brakes are controversial. Some people swear by them, while others swear at them. Still, there’s no question that a good brake can reduce felt recoil up to 45%. And likewise, the best brakes, when installed properly, seem to have no negative effect on accuracy.... Read more

  • Competitors Battle Rain and Geese at Garand Match

    Neither rain, nor geese, nor gloom of morn stays these competitors from the [sometimes swift] completion of their appointed rounds. This year’s Camp Perry competitors at the John C. Garand Match had to battle rain, gloomy skies, plus an interruption by a bold flock of... Read more

  • Tech Tip: Blue-Printing Triggers

    Trigger Blue-Printing — Why It Can Be Important by Thomas “Speedy” Gonzalez To Blueprint or Not? That is the Question. I often get asked is it really necessary to blueprint a custom match trigger. “Abolutely” is my answer. Here is an example that demonstrates why.... Read more

  • Farley Mfg. Introduces New Gravity-Fed Cartridge Caddy

    Farley Manufacturing has just introduced a new gravity-fed cartridge caddy that puts your rounds right next to your rifle’s loading port. Farley’s new G-Feed Cartridge Elevator has a unique switchback-type feed path that provides high capacity in a compact unit. This unit is handy and... Read more

  • Ty Cooper Offers Tips for Camp Perry Competitors

    Tyrel Cooper of Creedmoor Sports will be competing at Camp Perry this summer. A past member of the USAMU, Cooper’s shooting resume includes five national championships (one each in 2008, 2011, 2012, and two in 2013). He is the current (2013) NRA National Long Range... Read more

  • Tips on Case-Trimming from PMA Tool

    The folks at PMA Tool, makers of arbor presses, neck-turning tools, and other case-prep tools, offer some good advice about case trimming on the PMA Tool Blog. Here we reprint a PMA blog post that explains case trimming basics and helps you choose the right... Read more