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  • The Gun-Maker’s Art — Holland & Holland

    What goes into a £77,500.00 ‘Royal’ model hand-crafted shotgun? Watch this remarkable video from Holland & Holland to find out. Filmed in the Holland & Holland factory, this nine-minute video shows all the key stages in the creation of H&H’s prized shotguns and rifles. The... Read more

  • Have a Blast This Thanksgiving with FREE Turkey Target

    Today is Thanksgiving. What better way to celebrate the occasion than to blast away at some bearded gobblers (of the paper variety). Here’s our custom Turkey Day target, ready for some family fun. This special Turkey Bullseye Target was created by our friend and Forum... Read more

  • Turkey ATTACK — Help the Pilgrims Survive Thanksgiving

    Click photo to go to game site. OK, you’re feelin’ fat and happy after the traditional Thanksgiving Day feast and you need to kill some time. Sure you could rake the leaves or wash the dishes, but why not have some mindless fun targeting turkeys... Read more

  • New 6mm and 6.5mm Tipped MatchKings from Sierra

    Sierra has released two new Tipped MatchKing (TMK®) bullets that should find favor with PRS competitors and tactical shooters*. Sierra is producing a new 95 grain 6mm projectile and a new 130 grain 6.5mm bullet. Both feature acetal resin tips that lower drag by improving... Read more

  • Wildcat with Almost No Neck — Stan Ware’s Wicked Wolfpup

    Retired gunsmith Stan Ware is a talented shooter who’s not afraid to think “outside the box”. Stan competes in both Hunter Benchrest (HBR) and Varmint for Score (VFS) disciplines. In his quest to build the ultimate Hunter Benchrest cartridge, Stan created the radical “Wolfpup” wildcat,... Read more

  • Lapua Brass on Sale at Brownells

    Here’s something you don’t see very often — Lapua cartridge brass on sale. As part of its Back-to-Black promotion, Brownells has deeply discounted its inventories of Lapua Brass. For most cartridges/calibers, the price has been reduced at least $10.00 per 100-count box. Here are the... Read more

  • Love Shooting? Then Go Despite the Snow…

    Many Northern States have been hit by some early snowstorms dropping lots of the white stuff. Think a little snow should end your shooting season? Heck no — just grab your snow shovel and go shooting. Here’s how Forum Member Nick (aka “ChevyTruck 83″) coped... Read more

  • Holiday Book Sale at Creedmoor Sports

    Creedmoor Sports is having a big sale on printed books. On sale now are many of the most popular training and competition books. If you are looking for some good reading material this winter, check out the Creedmoor Book Sale. Gun books also make great... Read more