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  • Join the Fun at the Texas Firearms Festival in October

    You have to love Texas. While in other states (such as California) gun rights are under attack, in Texas, gun ownership is cherished and even celebrated… Proof is the Texas Firearm Festival (TXFF), a celebration of shooting where you can “try and buy” the latest... Read more

  • Precision Targets By the Roll from Midsouth

    Here’s a smart new product from Midsouth Shooters Supply: 250 self-adhesive Benchrest Targets on a convenient roll. Not just for benchrest competitors, these stick-on targets work great for anyone doing load development. Each target offers a precision 1/4″ grid at the top with diamond aiming... Read more

  • Shilen Actions, Barreled Actions, and Complete Rifles

    Did you know that Shilen Rifles Inc. offers barreled actions and complete rifles? And that Shilen offers a Savage-style, barrel-nut system for its Rem-clone actions? After several years of development, Shilen now offers custom actions ($950.00), barreled custom actions with triggers ($1500.00), and complete rifles... Read more

  • Norway Hunting Video — A Visual Feast

    Today, September 24th, is National Hunting and Fishing Day. To help mark that event, we’re reprising a story from Europe that showcases the beauty of nature that can be experienced on a hunting trip. If you need a break from your hum-drum day at the... Read more

  • Two Great Books for Hunters by New Zealand’s Nathan Foster

    Today, September 24th, is National Hunting and Fishing Day. If you are a serious hunter (or aspire to be) here are two resources you should definitely add to your library. Written by a lifelong New Zealand hunter with a wealth of field experience, the Practical... Read more

  • NSSF and Retailers Sue Massachusetts Attorney General

    NSSF and Retailers File Federal Suit against Massachusetts A.G. Healey’s ‘Enforcement Notice’. Four federally-licensed Massachusetts firearms retailers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF) filed an action in United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts to challenge on Constitutional grounds the “Enforcement Notice”... Read more

  • How to Avoid Having a ‘Train Wreck’ at the F-Class Nationals

    Today is practice day for the Mid-Range F-Class Nationals, which commence bright and early tomorrow morning in Lodi, Wisconsin. In any shooting competition, you must try to avoid major screw-ups that can ruin your day (or your match). In this article, reigning F-TR National Mid-Range... Read more

  • New Meprolight FT Bullseye Sight Uses Fiber Optics and Tritium

    What if you could have a normal-height rear sight that could dispense with the need to align front sight and rear sight? In fact, what if that rear sight could eliminate the need for a front sight altogether? That’s exactly what the new Meprolight FT... Read more