New Scoring Reticle Approved by IBS

Two-Piece Reticle Makes Scoring Easier

A new, optional scoring device has been approved by the IBS. Over the last couple of months, the IBS Score Committee and the Executive Board have been field testing a new Scoring Reticle for use on targets that have score values. The new two-piece device was designed by IBS Score Shooter Frank Danisienka who felt the current device could be improved. Since April, match scorers in the Northeast have been testing out the new reticle at several State Championship matches. It was tested at the Bud Pryor match, Delaware State match, Maine State match, Pennsylvania State match, and several smaller shoots. There were some minor issues with the earlier prototype which Frank quickly corrected.

The photos below show the original prototype. The main difference between the final unit and the original prototype is in the location of circles. Based on Executive Board recommendations, the laser-etched circles were rearranged on the final design. Now the three most used circles (.224, .243, and .308) are separated slightly from the rest of the group and grouped together on one end of the plate. On the final design, these three circles (.224, .243, and .308) will also be lightly colored Red for easier use.

score benchrest scoring reticle IBS

No pictures of the final unit are available but the only change is layout of plate shown above at right. As noted, .224, .308, and .243 circles are now grouped together and are also tinted red. The new scoring reticle is now available for $35.00 — roughly half the cost of the current reticle. It is hoped the “rock-bottom” price will encourage clubs to acquire one of the new units (though they are NOT mandatory).

score benchrest scoring reticle IBS

Both New and Older Scoring Reticles Are Approved for Use
Use of the new reticle is OPTIONAL. No club is required to purchase the new scoring reticle. The IBS believes the new device is easier to use to get a true reading. However, the current reticle remains fully approved and can continue to be used. New IBS Scoring Reticles can be ordered from Joan Borden for $35.00 (shipping including):

Joan Borden
1231 Sheldon Hill Rd.
Springville, PA 18844