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  • Rimfire 17s — Three Great Options: 17 HMR, 17 Mach2, 17 WMS

    There are three readily-available 17-caliber rimfire rounds now on the market: 17 HMR, 17 WSM, and 17 Mach 2(aka 17 HM2). Aguila also made a .17 rimfire, the .17 PMC/Aguila, but it never became popular. What should be your choice? The 17 HMR is a... Read more

  • If You’re Not Using Wind Flags You’re Throwing Away Accuracy

    Forest of Windflags at World Benchrest Championships in France in 2011 There’s a simple, inexpensive “miracle device” that can cut your groups in half. If you’re not using this device, you’re giving away accuracy. The “miracle device” to which we refer is a simple wind... Read more

  • Show Off your “Wallet Groups” with Shoot’n Aces Cards

    Want to show off some groups you’ve shot? Or keep a handy pack of mini-targets in your range kit? Then check out this unique product from stockmaker Bell & Carlson. Shoot’n Aces cards feature a 1-inch black square aiming box with a 1/2-inch inner square.... Read more

  • Mercedes of Reloading Presses — $960 Turban Präzipress

    When is a single-stage reloading press worth close to a thousand bucks? When it’s made in Germany with CNC technology and crafted to aero-space precision standards. UltimateReloader.com’s Gavin Gear recently got his hands on a Turban 120mm Heavy Präzipress. This unit retails for 850 Euros... Read more

  • DIY Brilliance — Forum Member Builds His Own Front Rest

    You have to admire someone with serious do-it-yourself skills. Not just hammer and nail skills, but formidable design and fabrication skills. Well Forum Member Dave D. (aka “AKShooter”) has a DIY skill set that might put some trained machinists to shame. You see, “DIY Dave”... Read more

  • Save Big Bucks During Brownells Presidents’ Day Sale

    Break out those credit cards ladies and gentlemen… Brownells is running a major Presidents’ Day Sale with huge price reductions on guns, barreled actions, uppers, lowers, reloading tools, accessories, loaded ammo and more. A quick glance at the Brownells website revealed many killer deals —... Read more

  • Two Guns in One — TubeGun Transformed for F-Open Competition

    The Berger Southwest Nationals is taking place right now at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, Arizona. At the SWN you’ll see prone rifles and tubeguns for sling shooters, F-TR rifles with fancy bipods, and high-tech F-Open rigs. You might also see a few TubeGuns... Read more

  • Young 3-Gun Sensation Cheyenne Dalton

    One of America’s top young 3-gun shooters is a talented young lady from Missouri, Cheyenne Dalton. Now in her final year of High School, 17-year-old Cheyenne has been a top competitor in Rimfire Challenge events, as well as 3-gun matches and USPSA comps. Read more... Read more