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  • .224 Valkyrie Barrel Cut-Down Velocity Test — 4 Ammo Types

    Velocity vs. barrel length — How much speed will I sacrifice with a shorter barrel? Hunters and competition shooters often ask that. Today we DO have solid answers to that question for many cartridge types thanks to Rifleshooter.com. Rifleshooter.com has conducted a series of barrel... Read more

  • Doh! Make Sure Your Ammo Fits Your Chamber!

    If you don’t match your ammo to your chamber, bad things can happen, that’s for sure. A while back, Forum member BigBlack had an experience at the gun range that reminds us of the importance of safety when shooting. He encountered evidence that someone had... Read more

  • Show Off your “Wallet Groups” with Shoot’n Aces Cards

    Want to show off some groups you’ve shot? Or keep a handy pack of mini-targets in your range kit? Then check out this unique product from stockmaker Bell & Carlson. Shoot’n Aces cards feature a 1-inch black square aiming box with a 1/2-inch inner square.... Read more

  • Gunsmithing Gone Bad — How NOT to Headspace a Barrel

    This barrel’s shoulder was 0.025″ off the action because Red Locktite had been used on the threads. Gunsmith Thomas ‘Speedy’ Gonzales offered this interesting report about how NOT to headspace a barrel. Hopefully you never discover something like this… “A good friend and customer sent... Read more

  • CMP Marksmanship 101 Rifle and Pistol Training Programs

    The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will offer hands-on rifle and pistol training programs in 2020 at locations around the nation. Marksmanship 101, formerly known as the Small Arms Firing School (SAFS) On The Road, is designed to train beginners on rifle or pistol essentials and... Read more

  • ‘Sights, Wind and Mirage’ in Shooting Sports USA Archives

    In the digital archives of Shooting Sports USA, we’ve found some great features that deserve a second look. A few years back, Shooting Sports USA published Sights, Wind and Mirage, an outstanding article that explains how to judge wind speed/direction and adjust your sights accordingly.... Read more

  • 2020 NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville — Start Planning

    The 2020 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits will be held in Nashville, Tennessee this year. This should be a very popular event, given Nashville’s rich heritage as “Music City”. The NRA expects big crowds this year: “With exhibitors inside and outside the Music City Center... Read more

  • Where You Can Shoot F-Class Matches — 100+ Ranges Listed

    F-Class shooting (both F-Open and F-TR) is one of the fastest-growing forms of rifle competition. Each season many new shooters hit the line and attendance at the major F-Class matches increases every year. But if you’re new to the game, you may ask “Where can... Read more