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  • Sunday GunDay: Joe Hendricks Jr.’s CMP Cup-Winning Tubegun

    Joe says: “I think it’s pretty cool that there have now been two major Across the Course Championships won by a Hendricks using a Gary Eliseo chassis, one by me this year, and one in 2014 when my father (Joe Hendricks Sr.) won the NRA... Read more

  • Mobile Power — Chargers for Phones, Laptops, Tablets, LabRadars

    Today’s precision shooter is connected. He or she is likely to bring a number of electronic items to the range, such as a smartphone, tablet computer, Kestrel, LabRadar chronograph, and more. These digital devices all require electricity to operate. Unfortunately, most ranges don’t include convenient... Read more

  • Power User Tips for Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

    Tumblers and walnut/corncob media are old school. These days many shooters prefer processing brass rapidly with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. When used with the proper solution, a good ultrasonic cleaning machine can quickly remove remove dust, carbon, oil, and powder residue from your cartridge brass.... Read more

  • Optics Review: Sightron SIII 45x45mm ED Fixed Power Scope

    45X Fixed-Power Sightron Field Test Sightron SIII 45x45mm Competition with ED Glass — Review by James Mock Sightron has introduced a new, high-magnification Benchrest scope, the SIII SS 45x45mm Competition. This new-for-2019 45-power scope now offers very high-quality glass. In response to consumer demand, for... Read more

  • 3GN Nationals Coming to Florida October 12-13, 2019

    3-Gun competitors must be wicked fast (and accurate) with rifle, pistol, and shotgun. What’s the most exciting, physically challenging shooting sport? An argument can be made that three-gun shooting (also called “multi-gun”) tops the list. To succeed in the 3-Gun world, competitors must be fast... Read more

  • AR, Garand, M1A — Six Rules for Gas Gun Reloading

    SFC Lance Dement as featured in CMP’s First Shot Online. The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) has published a great series of reloading “how-to” articles on its Facebook Page. This post covers key factors to consider when loading ammunition for Match Rifles and Service Rifles,... Read more

  • Splitting Two Cards at Once with Twin-Barreled 1911

    One Pistol, Two Barrels, Two Playing Cards — here’s a trick shot we just had to share. The talented Kirsten Joy Weiss does something we’ve never seen before, splitting TWO (2) playing cards with a unique, twin-barreled 1911-style pistol. Watch the video to see Kirsten... Read more

  • National Hunting and Fishing Day Is September 28, 2019

    National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day) takes place on Saturday, September 28, 2019. The annual celebration, on the 4th Saturday of September, serves as a reminder that conservation succeeds because of leadership and funding from hunters, shooters and anglers. National, regional, state and local... Read more