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  • Ray Gross & David Tubb Win ELR Titles — Wise Sets New Record

    Ray Gross (left) was humbled to take the stage with David Tubb (right), a living legend: “The first time that I ever made it up on to the stage at a National Championship was in 1997. Dave Tubb had already won about a dozen Nationals... Read more

  • Lyman Higher-Rez BoreCam Review by UltimateReloader.com

    Our friend Gavin of UltimateReloader.com has a new tool — the second generation Lyman Borecam. This upgraded version features higher-resolution 300K output so you can better see details inside your barrel. This digital borescope can also be used to inspect the interior of dies and... Read more

  • Get FREE Reloading Data Sheets and Ammo Box Label Templates

    Redding Reloading offers handy Handloader’s Data Sheets in printable PDF format. This FREE form allows hand-loaders to document their tool settings, bushing size, powder charge, load specs (COAL etc.), and case prep status. In addition, the form allows you to enter your load testing information,... Read more

  • Flying with Firearms — Smart Advice for Traveling Competitors

    We know that many of our readers will soon travel by air to attend major matches in Raton, New Mexico. The Spirit of America Match runs September 7-13, and the F-Class Mid-Range and Long-Range Nationals follow September 15-22. If you’ll be venturing to Raton, or... Read more

  • Choosing the Best Neck Bushing Size — Tips from John Whidden

    Whidden Gunworks makes great sizing and seating dies. The Whidden full-length sizing die with neck bushing is very popular because it allows you to “tune” the neck tension by using different bushings, with larger or smaller inside diameters. In this video, John Whidden explains how... Read more

  • SSG Amanda Elsenboss Wins NRA Long Range Championship

    The display target is a copy, for spectators, of the larger, official target. The actual X-Ring is 10″ at 1000 yards. Amanda shot without a bipod, using only a sling to support the rifle, and aperture sights (no scope). Congrats to Amanda Elsenboss for winning... Read more

  • The Hazards of Old Ammo — Watch Out for Internal Corrosion!

    Above is a 26-year-old hand-loaded .300 Winchester Magnum case that failed to fire. After the misfire, the shooter used an inertial (impact) bullet puller to pull the bullet. In the process the case-neck sheared off. Here’s a cautionary tale from the Tactical Rifle Shooters Facebook... Read more

  • Watch Reloading Videos from Hodgdon Powder Company

    Hodgdon Powder Company (Hodgdon) offers a series of professionally-produced, “how-to” instructional videos through its online Reloading Data Center. These 3.5-minute videos present rifle, pistol, and shotshell reloading basics in an easy-to-understand,step-by-step format. These mobile-friendly, informative videos can also be viewed on a smart phone or... Read more