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  • Sunday GunDay: Norway Adventure with .338 Lapua Magnum

    For our readers who are stuck at home under government orders, we are reprising a video feature about hunting in Norway. For those whose horizons have been limited due to the “shelter at home” response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we offer this getaway to scenic... Read more

  • Kelbly’s Cancels 2020 Super Shoot in Ohio

    For decades, the Kelbly’s Super Shoot has been one of the premier events for 100/200-yard benchrest shooters. The Super Shoot attracts the top benchrest competitors on the planet, including legends such as Tony Boyer and Wayne Campbell, and many other Hall of Fame PPC pilots.... Read more

  • Forms for Hand-Loaders — Data Sheets and Ammo Box Labels

    With the majority of Americans stuck in the house under official “Shelter at Home” orders, there is time to fill. Many of our readers and Forum members are using their free time to reload ammo. To help with that process, here are downloadable files that... Read more

  • Hawk Spotting Scope Camera from Longshot (TargetVision)

    Spotting scopes are important tools for hunters and target shooters, but until now you had to position your head close to the eye-piece and look directly through the lens. LongShot Target Camera (aka TargetVision) has changed how we can use our spotting scopes with the... Read more

  • Loading for the .45 ACP — VV N320 and Other Good Powders

    There’s an interesting thread in our Shooters Forum right now — all about good choices for a .45 ACP handgun. If you’re considering getting your first .45 ACP pistol, you should read that thread. If you already own one or more .45 ACP handguns, this... Read more

  • TECH Tip: How to Adjust FL Dies for Correct Shoulder Bump

    CLICK HERE for Sinclair Int’l 3-part video series on using Full-length Sizing Dies. How Much Shoulder Bump Do You Want? Some of our readers have questioned how to set up their body dies or full-length sizing dies. Specifically, AFTER sizing, they wonder how much resistance... Read more

  • Gun Sales Soar — Record Number of FBI Background Checks

    The current Coronavirus Pandemic may be the most significant event to impact the United States since World War II. The majority of Americans are now “sheltering at home” under State Executive Orders. Across the nation, schools, shops, restaurants, and countless businesses are closed. The virus... Read more

  • New Products Showcased in FREE Shooting Industry Magazine

    Shooting Industry Magazine just released its April 2020 Issue. This contains a comprehensive summary of notable products showcased at SHOT Show 2020. You can access the entire April 2020 issue for FREE. Past monthly issues are free to access as well. This is great for... Read more