Bulletin F-TR Champ Video Interview, .22 LR Rimfire Tips, F-TR Rifle Upgrades

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  • Montana Magic — 6BR Ackley Shoots Sub-Quarter-MOA at 1000

    Looking 1000 yards downrange at the Deep Creek Range outside Missoula, Montana. On Facebook recently, we saw an eye-catching rifle. Owned by top 1000-yard competitor (and past IBS Champ) Tom Mousel, this rifle was smithed by Alex Wheeler of Wheeler Accuracy. This rig features the... Read more

  • Cantastic Video — How a Suppressor is Constructed

    Watch this video to see how a sound suppressor (aka “silencer”, “moderator”, or “can”) is constructed, start to finish. It’s more complicated than you might expect — there are quite a few stages in the process. The video below shows the fabrication of a SilencerCo... Read more

  • Spring Reminders — Pre-Season Rifle Maintenance Checks

    Spring has sprung, so that means the shooting season is getting started for folks in Northern climes. Before you head to the range for the first time, we recommend you do some basic tasks with your firearms. Here’s some good advice on readying your rifles... Read more

  • Into the Wild — Visions of the Backcountry

    Here are some great rifle-centric outdoor photos courtesy of Nightforce Optics. Perhaps these “gunscapes” will encourage you to grab your rifle and head out into the wilderness this weekend. These images are part of an ongoing series of rifle photos posted on the Nightforce Facebook... Read more

  • TEN Worst Reloading Mistakes — Do You Agree with This List?

    Last fall, Shooting Times released an article entitled “Ten Most Common Reloading Mistakes”. Listed below are the Top Ten mistakes hand-loaders can make, at least according to Shooting Times. What do you think of this list — does it overlook some important items? Top Ten... Read more

  • Proper Sight Picture with Various Types of Sighting Systems

    As part of the NRA Mentor Program, the NRA offers a helpful video about using sights. This covers all types of sighting systems — blade sights, aperture sights, V-notch sights, red dot sights, shotgun bead sights, and telescopic sights with reticles. For new shooters, this... Read more

  • Less is More — Minimalist Cobra Chassis for 22 BR Varminter

    A while back, Machinist/gunsmith Paul Fakenbridge (aka “Boltfluter” on our Shooters’ Forum) upgraded his favorite 22BR varmint rig with a new skeletal stock. This rifle, Paul’s “Rock Chuck Killing Machine”, was originally fitted with an HS Precision fiberglass stock. Now Paul’s 22 BR sports new... Read more

  • Four Great Features on Shooting USA Tonight

    Set aside some TV time tonight folks. There is a great episode of Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel. Over the course of tonight’s hour-long broadcast there are FOUR notable features well worth watching. Show times are 8:00 pm Eastern and Pacific; 9:00 pm Central.... Read more