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  • Big Berger Bullets for U.S. Military Sniper Program and ELR

    Berger Match Solids are now government-endorsed. The U.S. military has selected Berger’s .375 caliber ELR Match Solid Bullet for the Extreme Sniper Strike Operations (ESSO) program (Phase 2). The ESSO program is a U.S. government project to develop a high performance, extreme long-range sniper weapon... Read more

  • You Need to Do More Than Just Clean the Inside of Your Barrel

    Most competitive shooters are pretty good about bore cleaning (some may even clean their bores too aggressively). However, we’ve found that many shooters neglect the chamber area and the bolt lug recesses. It’s too easy to clean the bore, slip out the guide rod and... Read more

  • Wind Wizardry for Varminters — Keep the Wind at Your Back

    This impressive war wagon hauls varmint hunters around the Longmeadow Game Resort in Colorado. When you’re on a varmint expedition in the Western states you can bet, sooner or later, you’ll encounter serious winds. Here’s some advice on how to minimize the effects of cross-winds... Read more

  • Smart Reloading: How to Set Optimal Case Neck Tension

    Each Wednesday, the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) publishes a reloading “how-to” article on the USAMU Facebook page. A while back, the USAMU’s reloading gurus addressed a question frequently asked by handloaders: “How much neck tension is optimal, and how should I select a neck... Read more

  • New Product: Barrel Blizzard Dual-Fan Cooling Device

    Keeping your barrel cool has many important benefits — it will definitely enhance barrel life and can help maintain accuracy over the course of long shooting sessions. Now there is a new way to quickly dissipate heat from your rifle barrel — Barrel Blizzard The... Read more

  • Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60x52mm Scope Review

    Review by James Mock If you were charged with building a scope for F-Class or long range Benchrest, what features would you want? Vortex asked that question, received feedback from many competitors, and then set out to build a new high-magnification, zoom comp scope that... Read more

  • Extreme Ammo: 5000 Ft-Lbs from the .500/.416 Nitro Express

    When you need the ultimate in “knock-down” power, bigger is better. One of the most potent hunting rounds ever created is the mighty .500/.416 Nitro Express. For those who yearn for “More Power”, this is true “Extreme Ammo”. Kreighoff unveiled the .500/.416 Nitro Express 3... Read more

  • Brass Cleaning Options — Tumbling, Ultrasonic, Chemical & More

    Shiny brass — it may not shoot more accurately, but it does make you feel better about your hand-loaded ammo. While it’s not necessary to get brass “bright and shiny” after every firing, it is a good idea to clean powder residue, grime, and grit... Read more