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  • ELR with $99 Rifle — Hitting Steel at 2240 Yards with Iron Sights!

    Magnified 8X view looking down-range at buffalo target. Could You Hit a Steel Buffalo at 2240 Yards (1.27 miles) … with Iron Sights? Impossible as that may seem, that’s exactly what Ernie Jimenez did some years back at the North Springs Shooting Range in Price,... Read more

  • Wet-Tumbling Cartridge Brass with Rotary Tumblers

    More and more shooters are “wet-tumbling” their brass (in liquid) with reusable polishing media, rather than using dry media in a vibratory tumbler. The “wet-cleaning” method works best with a rotary tumbler fitted with a water-tight, horizontal drum to hold your brass, cleaning solution, and... Read more

  • Cool Tool — Real Avid’s 18-in-1 Gun Tool for Rifles & Shotguns

    Real Avid sells a unique multi-tool designed expressly for rifles and shotguns. The $24.99 Gun Tool™ combines 18 of the most commonly used long gun tools in a compact package. The Gun Tool boasts three Torx wrenches (T20; T15; T10), two Allen hex drives (3/32″;... Read more

  • Who NOT to Vote For — List of Anti-Gun Congressional Candidates

    All the candidates for Congress listed below do NOT respect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. These candidates are endorsed by a radical anti-gun group, the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. Many of these candidates have also received significant funding from... Read more

  • Save up to $40 with Brownells Discount Codes

    The Memorial Day weekend sales have ended — but don’t fret. We’ve found Brownells Discount Codes that can still save you 10% on your purchases. These Discount Codes will qualify you for significant savings on guns, ammo, parts, and reloading components at Brownells. Use these... Read more

  • Recoil Reduction System for F-Class Rifles — Bump Buster

    Many of our Forum members have expressed interest in a recoil-reduction system for prone F-Open competition rifles shooting heavy bullets from powerful cartridges. A .300 WSM shooing 200+ grain bullets can definitely take its toll over the course of a match. One system that has... Read more

  • Seven Stunning Semi-Autos — The Art of Engraving

    Artistry in metal — Engraving has long been used to decorate fine firearms. The examples shown here prove that engraving is not a lost art. There still remain fine craftsman who can engrave beautiful designs into the metal components of pistols, rifles, and handguns. Above... Read more

  • Browning, Remington, Savage Rebates — Save $50-$100

    Here are three great discount/rebate programs that can save you serious money on a new firearm. For example you can save $100 on a Remington Model 700 rifle and $100 on a Savage rifle. Or save $25-$100 on Browning rifles and shotguns. There are deals... Read more