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"Overbore" Cartridges Defined by Formula
Overbore Formula Allows Cartridge Ranking
.22LR Rimfire Ammo Comparison Test
Amazing test of 55 types of Ammo
.284 Win Black Beauty from Bob Green
F-Open .284 with McMillan Stock
.300 Lapua Magnum Cartridge Guide
.300 Lapua Magnum (30-338 LM)
.308 Fullbore Match Ammo
Truely Match-Grade .308 Win Ammo
.308 Win Cartridge Guide
Recommended Components and Load Map
.338 Lapua Mag Catastrophic Kaboom
.338 LM Kaboom Caused by Cleaning Rod
.338 Lapua Magnum in Norway Adventure
.338 Lapua in Norway LR Video
.416 Barrett 82A1 + .338LM 98B
Baney Tests Barrett's New Boomers Video
10 Commandments for Electronic Scales
Make Digital Scales more Accurate, Reliable
1000-Yard Benchrest Guide
Intro Guide to 1K BR Competition
17 Caliber Cartridge Guide
17 Caliber Factory and Wildcat Cartridges
17HMR Semi-Auto: The New Savage A17
17HMR Semi-Auto Savage A17
20 Caliber Cartridge Guide
20 BR, 20 PPC, .204 Ruger, Tac 20, 20 VarTarg Video
20 PPC Long-Range Pistol
20 PPC 'Hog-Hunting Handgun
2011 NRA Tournament Operations Guide
Web-based 56-page Guide to Running Matches
2011 Super Shoot Report
Champs, Pioneers, and Rookies by J. Mock
2014 IBS 1000-Yard Nationals
2014 IBS 1K Nationals Report
2014 IBS 600-Yard Nationals Report
IBS 600-yard Nationals Match Report
2015 IBS 200/300 Yard Nationals
IBS Match Report 200/300
2015 IBS 600-Yard Nationals
Top Guns at IBS Mid-Range Event
2015 IBS Bud Pryor Score BR Match
100, 200, 300 Yard Score Match
2017 IBS 1000-Yard Nationals
IBS 1000-Yard Nationals 2017
2017 IBS Bud Pryor Score BR Match
IBS 2017 Bud Pryor
2018 IBS Group Benchrest Nationals
4-Gun BR Championship in PA
21st Century Arbor Press
Very High Quality New Arbor Press
21st Century Stainless Primer Seating Tool
High-Quality Precision Priming Tool
22 PPC for Prone Competition
Salazar's Mean, Green 300m Machine
22-250 Cartridge Guide
Selected Components and Load Data Video
223 Rem + 223 AI Cartridge Guide
Best Components + Load Data for .223 Rem
22BR Cartridge Guide
22-Cal Necked-Down 6mmBR
22BR Precision Pistol for Prairie Dogs
Unique 22BR precision pistol for varmint hunts
22BR: Versatile Varmint Cartridge
22BR is Efficient Do-It-All Varmint Round
243 Win Cartridge Guide
Info for the .243 Win and .243 AI
2500-Yard Shooting With The .338 Allen
How does this .338 Stack Up Against Others?
26 Nosler: Speedy New 6.5mm Magnum
Nosler Issues SAAMI Specs for 26 Nolser
3-Position Shooting Tips from Emmons
Emmons Demonstrates Shooting Positions
300m Competition Guide
Quick Guide to Int'l 300m Rifle Competition
300M Shooting -- A Challenging Discipline
Insider's Look at 300m Shooting
30BR Cartridge Guide
30 BR Case-Forming, Loading, Shooting Tips
3D Animation Shows Ammo Being Fired
Stunning HD video inside!
6-284 for Varmint Silhouette
Borden-Built 6-284 for Varmint Silhouette
6.5 "Mystic" Barrel Block F-Classer
Stevens Action in Radical Barrel-Block Rig
6.5 Creedmoor for Tactical Competition
6.5 Creedmoor Rivals .260 Rem Performance
6.5 Grendel Cartridge Guide
History and Development of 6.5 Grendel Video
6.5 Grendel F-Classer by Speedy
6.5 Grendel F-Class Gun plus AR info
6.5-284 Cartridge Guide
Bullets, Brass, Accurate Loads
6.5-284 F-Class Championship Gun
6.5-284 Tuning Plus Tips on F-Class Shooting
6.5-284s of the Hoover Clan
Expert 1K BR tips in John Hoover Interview
6.5x47 Lapua Cartridge Guide
Specs, Load Data for 6.5x47 Lapua
600-Yard Record-Setting 6 BRDX
BRDX is 6BR Imp with longer neck than BRX
6BR and 6PPC Matched Viper Pair
Matched Pair of Stiller Viper-Actioned BR Rigs
6BR Brothers in Arms
6BR Light & Heavy Guns in Franklin Stocks
6BR High Power & Prone Rifle
Barnard-Action, Warner-Built Prone Rig
6BR Improved Cartridge Guide
BRX, Dasher, BRDX Varients of 6BR
6BR Texas Tack-Driver
Broughton Bbl, Robertson Stock, Nightforce
6mm PPC Cartridge Guide
Forming + Loading Most Accurate Cartridge
6mm Remington Ackley Varminter
R. Franklin's Favorite 6mm Rem AI Varminter
6mmBR Cartridge Guide
Loads, Components, Hardware for 6BR
6mmBR Loading for Newbies
Basic Tips for Accurate 6BR Reloads
6mmBR Savage Pac-Nor
Savage 10FP with New Trigger, Custom Barrel
6XC Cartridge Guide
Guide to Versatile, Mid-Sized Match Cartridge
6XC for Competitive Shooting
6XC Components, Loads, Ballistics for HP
7mm Cartridge Guide
7mm08, .284 Win, 7mm RSAUM, 7WSM
7mm Wildcat Based on 6.5x47 Lapua Case
7x47 Lapua Cartridge Field-Test
7mm WSM -- High-Country Hunter
Long-Range Hunting in Wyoming
A Dozen Range-Kit Extra Essentials
Twelve Key Items to Pack for the Range
A Pair of Aces -- Greg's Twin 30BRs
30 BR Pair for Score Matches Down Under
About Us
Site History, Mission, and Staff List
Academy of Accuracy
SoCal Benchrest School Lessons
Accurate Hunter--Hawaiian Style
Convertible 6BR Rifle Handgun for Hunting
AccurateShooter Reader Surveys
Interactive Polls on Gun Topics
AccurateShooter.com Sponsors
Companies that Help Support This Site
Advertise on AccurateShooter.com
Advertising Options with Rates and Metrics
AIM 60 Tactical Drag Bag
Very High Quality Roomy Bag from UK Video
Airgun Shooting Indoors at Home
Equipment for Airgun Shooting at Home
Alliant Reloder 17
Higher Velocities with High-Tech Powder
Amazing Breech Block .50 BMG Rifle
Breech-block .50 BMG Target Rifle
Anatomy of an Olympic Biathlon Rifle
Specifications of Anschütz model 1827F Fortner
Anschütz & BSA Martini Benchrest Rigs
Cool Benchrest Conversions from MT Guns Video
Anschütz Smallbore and Air Rifle Service
Where to Get Anschütz Parts and Service
Aperture Sights for Ruger 10/22 & CZ452
Affordable, adjustable fr/rear sight set
Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Book
Definitive Ballistics Resource, by Bryan Litz
AR-15 Magazine Torture Test
Summary of Shotgun News Mag Test Video
AR15 .177 Air Rifle Conversion Upper
.177 Air Rifle Upper for AR15
Are You a Ballistics Wizard? Take Our Quiz
AccurateShooter Interactive Ballistics Quiz
Article and Blog Submissions
How to submit stories, photos, and videos
Bag Sand Comparison Test
Weight and Bulk of Fill Sand
Bald Eagle 20" Range Bag
Versatile Padded Bag for Guns or Gear Video
Ballistics Edge Mfg. Annealing Machines
New affordable Single or Multi-case Annealers Video
Ballistics Software and Hardware
Free Ballistics Software; Chronograph Features Video
Ballistics: Altitude and Air Pressure
Effect of Density Altitude on Bullet Flight
Baney's 6BR "Lil' Big Gun"
Baney Reveals his 6BR's Winning Secrets
Barnard-Mastin 6BRX
6BRX Prone Rifle with Offset Stock
Barrel Block on Savage-Action F-TR Rig
Savage F-TR Fitted with Barrel Block
Barrel Cleaning Procedures
Top Shooters Reveal Cleaning Procedures
Barrel Longevity and Cost Per Shot
Cost Per Shot as Function of Barrel Life
Barrels: Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Most Common Barrel Questions
Bastogne F-Classer from MasterClass
Stunning Bastogne Walnut Rig by Sittman
Bearing Surface Comparator
Precision Tool for Sorting Bullets
Beckmann's 6 BRX
Super-Accurate 6BRX F-Class Rig
Beggs' Radical Skeleton Stock
Radical Skeleton/Sled Stock by Gene Beggs
Beginski's New 6mm-6.5x47 Lapua
Velocity Tests 6BR, 6BRX, 6-6.5x47 Lapua
Benchrest Stocks with 5"-Wide Forearms
Photos + Sources of Ultra-wide Gunstocks
Biathlon Basic — Russian Rimfire
Toggle-Link Action in Affordable Rig
Big Boomers--1000-Yard Heavy Guns
Heavy Gun Hardware and Competition Basics
Billet Aluminum Loading Blocks
Custom-Machined Loading Blocks
Black Hills Prairie Dog Adventure
Wyoming Hunt with Trophy Ridge Outfitters
Blaser 93 Safari in 6mmBR
Straight Pull, Switch-Barrel Game Rifle
Bloop Tubes from Norm Houle
Hi-Quality Houle Bloop Tubes
Boar-Busting 6BR SAKO Hunter
Sako 6BR Conversion for Accurate Hunting
Bob Crone's 6.5-284 F-Classer
6.5-284 Walnut F-Class Rifle
Bolt Maintenance Methods & Materials
Clean and Lube Your Bolt Correctly
Bore Cleaning Methods and Materials
Review of WipeOut Foam and Bore Solvents
Bore Obstructions Cause Accidents
Obstructed Barrel Accident Analysis
Bore-Rider Jags and Brush Guides
Polymer Jags and Guides protect barrels
Borka Compact Torque Setting Driver
Unique Compact Torque Wrench Reviewed Video
Bounty Hunter's 6BR Imp Light Gun
Stolle Polar Action in Baer Stock for 1K
Brass Cleaning with Stainless Media
STM Cleaning System Review Video
Bridgeville 600-Yard IBS Matches
IBS 600-Yard Benchrest Match Report Video
Bud Pryor Memorial Match (Score Shoot)
Top Score Shooters in Maryland Championship
Bud Pryor Memorial Shoot & Maryland 100/200/300
IBS Match Report Bud Pryor
Bugholes from Bipod
Tips on bipod tactical shooting, plus reloading
Build Shooting Bench with Folding Legs
Video Step-by-Step Plans for Folding Bench Video
Build Your Own Bench -- Free Plans
14 Free Shooting Bench Plans
Bullet Buyers' Guide
By Caliber, Best Match & Hunting Bullets
Bullet Database with 3900+ Projectiles
Bullet Dimensions, Weights, and BCs
Bullet RPM Calculator -- Spin & Stability
Twist and Velocity Govern Stability
Burris Eliminator Laser-Scope
Hold-Over Displayed from Laser Range Video
Burris Signature Zee Rings
Rings Self-Align and Allow Elevation Pre-load
Bushing Dies and Die Conversions
Benefits of Custom-Fitted Dies Explained
Buying and Selling in Forum Classifieds
Important Advice for Buyers and Sellers
Caliber-Specific Metal Powder Funnels
Custom Aluminum Reloading Funnels
Calibrated Windage & Elevation Knobs
Scope Knobs Customized for Shooters' Ammo
Canting Effect on Point of Impact
Keep Consistent Rifle Cant for Best Accuracy
Care and Maintenance of Reloading Dies
Sinclair Int'l Die Maintenance Tips
Cartridge Comparison Guide for Hunters
Cartridge Selection Advice for Hunters
Cartridge Diagrams
Diagrams from SAAMI and CIP Cartridge Files
Cartridges of the World 12th Ed.
Best print resource on 1500+ cartridges
Case Neck Chamfering Tools
Various Chamfering Angles Compared
Catastrophic Hunting Barrel Blow-Up
Barrel Failure Caught on Camera
Causes of Case-Head Separation
How to Avoid Case-head Separations
CG Jackson Two-Stage Trigger
Review of Chombart Trigger Design
Champ's Secret Weapon -- F-TR Trainer
James Crofts .22LR F-TR Trainer
Choate Tactical Stock for Remingtons
Affordable Stock with Aluminum Bedding Block
Civilian Service Rifle Competition -- UK Style
The British's work-around to semi-auto centerfire restrictions.
Clean Your Brass -- 4 Videos Show How
Cartridge Brass Cleaning Videos
CMP Opens Custom Shop for USGI Rifles
CMP Opens New Custom Shop in Anniston
CMP Rimfire Sporter Shooting
Rimfire Sporter Gear, Rules, Course of Fire
CMP Vintage Sniper Matches
Vintage Sniper Course of Fire Explained.
Combo LRF, Spotting Scope, and Wind Meter
Combination Spotter, Range Finder, Kestrel
Competition Cartridges
From 222 Rem to 50 BMG
Complete Precision Case Prep
Sorting, Chamfering, Neck-Turning and More.
Configuring the Eliseo Tubegun Stock
How to Set-up Eliseo Tubeguns
Contact Us
Contact INFO for AccurateShooter.com
Converting Rem 700 Magazine for 6BR
Step-by-Step Mag Mod Instructions
Cooper .204 Ruger Montana Varminter
Classic Looks and Great Accuracy with .204
Corrosion Protection Products
Corrosion-X and Eezox Best Rust-Fighters
Cures for Vertical Stringing
Gun Set-Up, Tuning, Loading Tips by Speedy
Custom Actions
Photos and Specs for Popular Custom Actions
Custom Stocks from Ireland's Enda Walsh
Bespoke Wood Stocks from Gun Stocks Ireland
CZ 527 Varmint Rifles
Mini-Mauser Action in Light, Handy Package.
Danny Biggs' Cut-Out Shooting Mat
Mat with Hole Cut for F-Class Rear Bag
Darrell Jones 6.5x47 Lapua
Developing Loads for the new 6.5x47 Lapua
Darrell Jones' Silver Stolle 6BR
Panda-action 6BR with Restored McMillan Stock
Darrell’s 25 BR “Peppermint”
25BR Load Development and Components
David Rolls and the Slope Doper
Simple Device for Shot Angle Correction
David's Drop-Port 6BR Viper
Benchrest Rig with Gravity Case Eject
Davidson's Amazing "Tinker-Toy" 30BR
Bold Innovation was Shelley's Legacy
Deep Creek Montana Dasher
Big Performance from Small Wildcat
Dennis DeMille's High Power Tips
Natural Point of Aim, Dry Firing, Sights Video
Denver Instrument MXX-123 Test
Tests Prove Scale's Excellent Precision
DeSimone's Dynamic Duo
Amazing 1.564-inch 1000-yard Group
Determining Scope Height Above Bore
Calculate Precise Height for Ballistics Solution
Die Issues When Bumping Shoulders
Why Some FL Dies Won't Bump
Digital Powder Dispensers Part One
RCBS, Lyman, and PACT dispensers tested
Digital Powder Dispensers Part Two
Test Details for RCBS, Lyman, PACT Units
Digital Scales: GemPro 500, AY123, Sartorius GD503
Electronic Balances Tested
Dual-Speed Omega Powder Trickler
Good Reach, Height and Speed Control Video
Dutch Treat -- Netherlands 6PPC
Kelbly-built, Panda-Action 6PPC/Dasher
EDM Encore 6BR Varminter
Encore Enhanced with Custom EDM'd Barrel
Elastic Ankle-Weight for Stock Balance
Ankle Weight adds 1.5 lbs to rifle
Elcan Digital Hunter Scope
Digital Zoom, Ballistics Comp, Image Recording Video
Electronic vs. Dial Locks on Gunsafes
Pros and Cons of Electronic and Dial Locks
Elevation Shift with Burris Sig Rings
Get MOA gain from spacing and insert #
Eliseo R5 6mmBR Repeater
TubeGun Designer Explains R5 Features Video
Euro F-Classer: the "BAT Mobile"
DeKort's 6.5-284 MasterClass Beauty
Euro-Champion F-TR Rig by Bottomley
.308 F-TR 2011 Champion Rifle
Searchable Calendar for Matches, Events
EVO F-TR Bipod from Third Eye Tactical
Light, easily-adjusted, well-designed bipod
Excel Formula Predicts Useful Barrel Life
Compare Barrel Life with Various Chamberings
Expander Mandrels and Neck Tension
Use Mandrels to Uniform Neck Tension
Eye Protection for Shooters
Quality Standards for Safety Eyewear Video
F-Class Front Rest Project
Medler Adds Big Feet to his Front Rest
F-Class TR Tactical .308
.308 Win Tuning and F-TR Match Advice
F-Open Champ K. Adams & 7mm RSAUM
Profile of F-Open Champion
F-TR Nat'l Champ Derek Rodgers Interview
2013 USA F-TR Champion Derek Rodgers
Fancy Hardwood Sources for Gunstocks
Vendors for Walnut & Exotic Blanks
Fast-Twist T2K in 22BR
Tubb 2000 Chambered for 90gr VLDs
Fed ITAR Registration for Gunsmiths
Costly New ITAR Registration Policy
Field Target Competition
Gear, Rules, and Positions for Field Target
FL Bushing Dies vs. Honed FL Dies
Honed FL Dies May Yield Lowest Run-out
Flash Guidelines For Advertisers
How to Build Clickable Flash Files
FN TSR XP -- Deer Rifle in Tactical Guise
Rugged, Versatile Field Rifle
Forster Co-Ax® Press
Co-Ax Press Features and User Comments
FREE Downloadable Classic Gun Books
Salazar Selects Classic Firearms Treatises
Free Hunting Computer Wallpapers
Stunning Photos for your Desktop
FREE Shot Timer iPhone Apps
Two Free Shot-Timers for iPhone, iPod, iPad
Freedom Arms Single-Shot Model 2008
Premium Tilt-Breech Hunting Handgun Video
Friedrich's Record-Setting Rimfires
Rimfire Benchrest Tuning Tips and Strategies
Front Sleds Stabilize Sporters and ARs
Flat Sleds for ARs and Sport Rifles
Gear Review: "World's Finest Trimmer"
New $70 Power Case-Trimming Unit
GemPro 250 Digital Scale Review
New $166.00 Scale Is Very Precise
Getting Started at PRS Matches -- 5 Tips
PRS Tactical Match Starter Tips
Gilkes-Ross Quadruple Threat
Gilkes-Ross Chassis + Multiple Barreled Actions
Giraud Power Case Trimmer
Giraud trims, chamfers, and deburrs
Giraud Vertical-Feed Bulk Annealer
Hi-Cap Annealer has auto case-feed Video
Globe Sight Donut Glare Filters
Inserts Reduce Glare for Better Viewing
Greg Tannel Gunsmithing DVDs
5 DVDs including Action Trueing
Grendel-Based 6mmAR for AR15s
6-6.5 Grendel Chambering for ARs
GUIDE to Bullet Coating
How to Apply Anti-Friction Coatings
Gun Safe Buyers Guide
What You Need to Know About Safes
H&H Concentricity Gauge
Quality Tool Measures & Corrects Run-out
Half-Mile 'Hog Rifle
6mm Rem Varminter for Disabled Shooter
Hammer Time: Father and Daughter IBS Benchrest Shooters
IBS Benchrest Father Daughter
Hammerhead Double-Duty Bench Gun
Convertible Rig Shoots Short- and Long-Range
Handgun Storage Options for Gun Safes
Racks and Holders for in-Safe Pistol Storage
Handloading for Competition Book
Review of Glen Zediker's Reloading Guide
Harold's Hickory 'Hog Champion
Spencer-Built GroundHog Shoot Winner
Harvey's Hot Rod Anschütz BR-50
Tuning and Tweaking Transforms BR-50
Harvey's Record-Setting 600yd 6BR
BAT-action Leonard Stock Record-Breaker
Hawkeye BoreScope
Borescope Benefits and Hawkeye User Guide
Heavy Artillery: .375 CheyTac for 2 Miles
High-Tech CheyTac for Ultra Long Range
Heavy Bullets for Long Range
Heavier Bullets Drift Less
Answers to Most Common Site Questions
High-End Spotting Scopes Review
Nikon, Pentax, Swarovski, Zeiss Compared
High-Magnification Binoculars for Hunters
Two Lenses Better Than One at Long Range
High-Tech German Shooting Range
Schiess Zentrum -- German State-of-the-Art
Hits at 1.43 Miles with .338 Lapua Magnum
Savage .338 Lapua Magnum
Horizontal Wind-Drift vs. Distance
Drift Increases with Square of Distance
Hornady OAL Gauge and Comparator
Tool Gauges Bullet Distance to Lands
Hornady Superformance Varmint Ammo
Superformance Ammo Adds 200 fps Video
Hornady's Hydraulic Case-Forming Dies
Hydraulic Die System Forms Improved Cases
How Cartridge Brass is Made
Draw Process & Extrusion Explained
How Do Suppressors Affect Accuracy?
Surprising Results of Field Tests
How to Apply Grip Texture to Gunstocks
Apply Bedding Compound to Texture Grip
How to Break-in a Barrel
Elaborate Break-in Procedures Waste Barrel Life
How to Clean Rimfire Rifle Barrels
Smallbore barrel cleaning tips from ELEY
How to Clear-Coat Laminated Stocks
Prep + Finish with Auto Clear on Laminates
How to Determine Barrel Twist Rate
Practical Method To Find "True" Twist Rate
How to Donate To AccurateShooter.com
Donation Landing Page
How to Load More Concentric Ammo
Ways to build ammo with less run-out Video
How to Prep Hardwood Stock for Finish
Video Guide to Stock Sealing + Finishing Video
How to Succeed at Club Matches
Six Tips for Winning at Local Fun Matches
How to Use Press-Mounted Bullet Pullers
Collet Bullet-Pullers from RCBS and Hornady
How to Use Target Scoring Gauges
Gauges Show Shot Placement on Scoring Rings
HUNTX3 eZine with Hunt Planners
See Hunt Planners with Google Earth Maps
I, Sniper by Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter's New Bob Lee Swagger Novel
IBS 100/200 Score Nationals 2014
IBS Score Nationals Report
IBS 100/200 Score Nationals in Maine
IBS Score Nationals Match Report
IBS 1000-Yard 2018 Nat'ls in Montana
IBS 2018 1000-yd Nationals in MT
IBS 1000-Yard Nationals at Hawks Ridge
2015 IBS 1000-Yard Championships
IBS 200/300 Yard 2018 Score Nationals
IBS 2018 Score 200/300 Nationals
IBS 2013 Shooters of the Year and New Records
IBS 2013 SOY and Records
IBS 2014 Benchrest for Group Nationals
2014 IBS 100/200 Group Nationals
IBS 2015 Group Nationals Match Report
BR for Group IBS Nat'l Championships
IBS 2016 1000-Yard Nationals in Georgia
Great Performances at IBS Long-Range Event
IBS 2016 200/300 Score Nationals
IBS 200 and 300 Yard Nationals
IBS 2018 Score Benchrest Nationals
Match Report 2018 IBS Score Nationals
IBS 600-Yard Nationals 2016
IBS 600-yard Nationals 2016
IBS Feature: Boop Memorial BR Shoot
IBS Match Report from 2014 Boop Shoot
IBS in the West -- California 3-Gun Benchrest Championship
IBS CA Championship Visalia
IBS Match Report: 2013 1000-Yd Nationals
Long-Range Precision in Yukon, MO
IBS Match Report: 2013 Score Nationals
Score Nat'ls Draws Big Crowd
IBS Match Report: Boop Memorial Match
IBS Report 2016 Boop Shoot
IBS Match Report: Boop Memorial Shoot
Costa Shines at Beautiful Range in Weikert, PA
IBS Match Reports on Accurateshooter.com
IBS Match Reports on AccurateShooter.com Video
IBS New York Benchrest Championships
Benchrest for Score and Pro-Am
IBS Report: 2017 600-Yard Nationals
Top Guns Perform in Memphis
IBS Report: 2017 Boop Memorial Match
2017 IBS Boop Match
IBS Report: 600-Yard Match at Piedmont
Top 600-yard IBS Shooters at Piedmont
IBS: 1000 Yards at Deep Creek, Montana
IBS Match Report from Montana
Impact Data Log-Books
Tough, Waterproof, Custom Log Books
In-Chamber Laser Bore-Sighters
Bore-Sighters Useful for Semi-Autos
Inline Seating Dies for Custom Chambers
Make Custom Seater with Chamber Reamer
Installing a Picatinny Rail on Action
Video Shows Rail Installation on Sako Action Video
IVEY Angle-Adjusting Long-Range Rings
Up to +150 MOA Elevation Preload Ring Set
Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle DVD Set
Best Rifle Training DVD for Multi-Gun Game Video
Jewell Trigger Users' Manual
Factory Trigger Information
K&M Neck-Turner Holder by Pendergraft
Grips K&M NT Tool
KAC Ballistics App for iPhone or iPod
KAC Bullet Flight is Cheap and Good
Kimber Super Carry Pro
Aluminum-framed, Bobtail Kobra Clone
KMW Pod-Loc for Bipods
Pod-Loc is Great Option for Harris Swivel Bipods
Kokopelli Scope Ring Alignment Tool
Tool Assures Proper Ring Alignment
Kowa 88mm Spotting Scope Top-Rated
Kowa 88mm Tops 36-scope Comparison
Ladies First -- Katie's 6BR
Team Tips for Varmint Silhouette Match
Lapua 6mmBR Brass Report
Latest Lapua 6mmBR Brass Has Thinner Necks
Laser RangeFinders
Features and Field tests of most popular LRFs
Laser-Guided Bullet from Sandia Labs
Fin-Stabilized Laser-Guided Bullet Video
LED Lamp Kit for Shooting Chronys
LED Lamps Improve Chronograph Reliability
Lee Classic Cast Iron Breech-Lock Press
Breech Lock Allows Rapid Die Changes
Lefty AR Upper -- Not Just for Southpaws
Side-Charging AR15 Match Upper
Leight NRR 25 Banded Ear Protection
Quiet Band is comfortable alternative to Muffs
Line Noise Filter for Reloading Scales
Ferrous Filter helps Reduce Scale Drift
Long Range Shooting at 2300 Yards
Video with Target-Cam Shows Hits at 1.3 Miles
Long-Range Groundhog Hunting
Franklin shoots hogs with slow twist .300 WSM
Long-Range Load Development
Ladder Tests for Long-Range Accuracy Video
Lucas Custom Bore Guides
2-Piece Guides Custom-fitted to Action
Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge
Digital Pull Gauge is Accurate, Repeatable
Maadco Max -- 6mmBR from Australia
All-Aussie Rig for F-Class Shooting Down-Under
Maine Firecracker & State Championship
Maine Score Shooting 100/200/300 Championships
MAK Tubeguns in 6BR, .243, 240 NMC
Triple-Threat Switch-Barrel MAK
Manners T4/4A Stock
Carbon-Reinforced Tactical Stock
Match Report: 2014 Berger SW Nationals
Highlights and Results from 2014 Berger SWN
MicroSight Technology for Iron Sights
New Microsight Improves Focus Near and Far Video
Midway's Pro Series Tactical Rifle Case
Affordable Padded Case with Mag Carriers
Mike's All-Metal Marvel 6mmBR
22BR/6BR Switch Barrel Rig in Metal Stock.
Modern Varmint and Hold-Over Reticles
Features of Modern Hold-Over Reticles
MOLY -- Does It Extend Barrel Life?
Norma Tests Show Moly Increases Barrel Life
Monster BAT Machine .50 BMG Action
13.7 lb, foot-long BAT for Big Boomers
Mr. Smith's Tack-Driving Thumbhole Trio
Richard Franklin Fancy Laminate Varminters
Multi-Purpose .308 Win Eliseo Tubegun
DIY Tubegun Proves Versatile and Accurate
Mystery AR Kaboom -- What Caused It?
Video Shows AR Kaboom with Many Safety Issues
N.Y. State IBS Benchrest Championships
Empire State Group-Shooting Event
NBRSA 1K Winner Jerry Tierney
Must-Read 'Tell-all' Interview with Jerry Tierney
Neck Tension -- Not Just Bushing Size
Many Factors Affect Neck Tension
Neck-Turning Basics
Turn necks for more uniform brass
Neck-Turning Lathe from 21st Century
New Lathe Turns Cases Fast and Precisely
Neck-Turning Tool Cutting Tips
Cutter Matching Shoulder Angle Works Best
Neck-Turning with Lathe or Mill
How to Safely Use Powered Neck-Turners
NEW Barrett MRAD .338 LM
AR-Type Upper, Easy Caliber Conversion Video
New Benchrest Rig from Argentina
Argentine 3-lug BR Action and Carbon Stock
New Generation Tactical Rings
Titanium Rings and New Clamping Systems
New Ruger .308 Win Gunsite Scout Rifle
M77-derived Mag-Fed Rifle with Forward Rail Video
New Scoring Reticle Approved by IBS
IBS 2-piece Scoring Reticle Approved
New Wheel-Drive Concentricity Gauge
Wheel-Drive Gives Fast, Accurate Readings
New Wind-Reading LIDAR LaserScope
LIDAR Scope Calculates Wind Speeds Video
New York IBS Championship and Pro-Am
IBS 2018 NY State Championship Pro-Am
Nielson's 6.5x47 Nationals Winner
6.5x47 Lapua for the 600-Yard Game
Nightforce 15-55x52mm Competition Scope
ED Glass, 60 MOA Elevation, Lighter Weight
Nightforce Reticles Views and Specs
All Popular NF Reticles shown, with specs
Nightforce: Benchrest vs. NXS Scopes
Nightforce NSX and BR Scopes Compared
Nor Cal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge
Course of Fire for Popular Tac Comp
NW 30BR and 6.5-284 Switch-Barrel
Switch-Barrel Rig shoots all yardages, 100-1000
O'Hara Sets 1000-Yard IBS Agg Records
IBS 1000-yard Agg Records Broken
O-Rings on Dies May Reduce Run-Out
O-Ring Under Collar Allows Die to Float
Oehler 35P Chronograph is BACK!
Oehler Resumes Production of 35P Chrono
Off-Set Scope Mounting Rail
Offset Weaver Rail for Right-Eyed Southpaw
OnTarget Software Review
Software Measures Group Size Accurately Video
Open Range Day for Disabled Shooters
AZ Program Empowers Disabled Persons
Optics Field Test: S&B PMII 4-16 x 50
Premium Tactical Scope Shines in Tests
Optics Review: IOR Valdada 6-24x50mm
Owner's Report of IOR scope, 35mm tube
Optimize Your Rifle Position on Rests
How to Best Balance Gun on Rests
Ordering a Custom Rifle -- Metal Work
Checklists for a Custom Rifle Build
Our Forum Reaches 25,000+ Members
AccurateShooter Forum Tops 25,000 Members
Paco Kelly’s Acu’Rzr Bullet Tool
Tool forms hollowpoints in Rimfire Bullets
Pair of PPC GroundHog Match Winners
Twin 6PPCs that Win Ground Hog Matches
Palma Basics in the USA
NRA Rules for .223 Rem and .308
Palma Match POV by Bryan Litz
Shooter's Eye View of .308 Win Palma Match Video
Pappas Airgun and Rimfire Deluxe Rest
Custom Polished Aluminum Rest for Airguns Video
Parallax in Rifle Scopes
Parallax and Focus Correction Explained
Phoenix Metallic Sights
Quality Front and Rear Match Sights Video
Pocket-Sized Reloading Scales
Battery-powered scales measure to 0.2 grains
PPC with Pedigree
Scoville-Stocked, Dwight Scott-Built 6PPC
Practical Tactical Belgian 6BR
6mmBR in Accuracy Int'l Chassis, Rem Action
Premium Barrel Makers
Links to Leading Custom Barrel-Makers
Primers -- What You Need to Know
Technical Info about Rifle Primers
Primers and Pressure Analysis
Thick vs. Thin Primer Cups and Pressure
Privacy Policy
Protections for Personal Information
Problems with "Do-It-Yourself" AR15s
Common DIY Build Mistakes
Profile of F-Class Ace Derek Rodgers
F-TR Champ Derek Rodgers' Tips
Prone Guns for 300m and Beyond
G. Salazar + S. Parker Talk Prone Shooting
Prone Rig with Curly Maple/Ebony Stock
Amazing Fiddleback Maple Prone Rifle
Quickload Reloading Software
Unique Software Enhances Load Development
Radical F-TR Stock with Integral Bipod
Futuristic Skeleton Design F-TR Stock + Bipod
Radical Swallowtail Benchrest Stock
SEB Stock with Truss Design and 3" tail
Randolph Machine Belt-Drive Front Rest
Belt-Drive for fast, smooth elevation control
Ray-Vin Spotting Scope Stand
Low-Profile stand for F-Class and Prone
RCBS Hand-Priming Tool (Universal)
Affordable, Reliable Tool Fits All Cases
Reactive Targets
All Types of Reactive Targets in Review
Reading Mirage in Competition
Gale McMillan Explains How to Read Mirage
Reading the Wind DVD (Bassham)
Olympic Shooter L. Bassham's Wind Wisdom
Reading the Wind When Hunting
Nature Signs Reveal Wind (Video) Video
Reading the Wind — USAMU Tips
Tips for Highpower, Service Rifle, & Long Range
Rear Windage Control for F-Class Rests
Flex Drive Shaft for Rear Windage Control
Reloading Advice from Sinclair Int'l
"Most Crucial" Reloading Steps Explained
Remote Game Cams Help Hunters
Find Game with Small, Weatherproof Cameras
Review: SCATT MX-02 Electronic Trainer
MX-02 Dry-Fire and Live-Fire Trainer
Review: SCATT MX-02 for High Power
SCATT MX-02 Training Shot Tracker
Rifle-Mounted Tactical Ammo Carriers
Tactical Stock Packs and Ammo Sleeves
Rimfire Stock with Built-In Tuner
Advanced Metal Stock for Anschütz actions
Rimfire Tactical Precision Match
Affordable Fun Comps at 50-200m Video
Rise of the Railguns -- IBS Benchrest
Railguns Rule -- Potential New Records
Robotic Targets for Live-Fire Training
Armored Autonomous Segway Target-Bots Video
Ruger No. 1 6BR by Bullberry
Classic Ruger No. 1 Re-Barreled in 6mmBR
Run AR Magazines in Rem 700 Bolt Gun
DBM for Bolt Guns Uses AR Mags
SAKO TRG-22 for Competition
Review of TRG Features and Accessories
Sartorius Magnetic Scale Is Fast, Precise
GD503 Scale Weighs Single Kernels Video
Savage 110 BA Tactical .338 LM
Baney Shoots .338 LM from Savage Video
Savage 6.5-284 -- 'Badlands'
Savage Upgraded to a 1000-yard BR Rig
Savage Action Screw Torque Tuning
Optimal Torque Can Improve Accuracy
Savage m93 17 HMR Varmint Rifle
Accurate, Great Bang for the Buck
SCATT Aim-Tracking IR Training System
SCATT IR Sensor System Aids Training
Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 PM II SFP Review
S&B 5-25x56 PMII Scope Review
ScopeCalc Gauges Light Transmission
Software Evaluates Low-Light Capability
Seattle Switch-Barrel Dasher 6.5-284
Dasher + 6.5-284 with Wet Look Stock
SEB MAX Coaxial Front Rest — Field Test
600-Yd Champ Test-Drives New SEB MAX
SEB NEO Co-Axial Front Rest
Very Smooth, Tons of Elevation, Well-made
Selling Guns and Gear Online
Web Classifieds and Auctions -- Selling tips
Shooter Ballistics App for Android OS
Best Ballistics App for Droid Smartphones
Shooters' Library -- Best Books
30 Best Books for Precision Shooters
Shooting Supplies Vendor Directory
Links to Best Web and Catalog Gear Sellers
Simple 4-Shot Sight-In Method
Fast, Easy Sight-In Method
Solvent-Resistant Cleaning Jags
Solvent-Resistant Jags Won't Show False Blue
Sources for Official Match Targets
Official Targets for Your Club Matches
Speed Up Your RCBS ChargeMaster
Smart Tips for Better Digital Dispensing Video
Speedy's 6PPC -- Art of Accuracy
Speedy-Built Engraved 6PPC + PPC Loading
Spotting Scope 1000-Yard Performance
Seeing Bullet Holes at 1000 Yards
Standing Position Shooting Technique
USAMU Tips on Standing Position
Startling Facts About Barrel Life
Typical Barrel Life is 6-10 seconds of Shot Time
Steiner 8x30 Military/Marine Binoculars
Rugged, Fast-Focusing Steiner is Best Buy
Steyr SSG 08 Tactical Bolt-Gun
Mr. Moderator Shoots Impressive New Steyr Video
Stinger Missile Box for Rifle Transport
Convert $200 Surplus Stinger Box to Gun Case
Stock Duplicating Using 3D Laser Scans
Making Stocks with CNC Milling from Scans
Stock Painting Guide
Step-By-Step Guide for Stock Painting
Stress-Free Pillar Bedding
Step-By-Step Stock Bedding Instructions Video
Stuck Case Causes and Cures
How to Remove Case Stuck in Die
Sub-Inch 600-Yard 6BR
6BR has Shot .860 inch group at 600yd
Summer Youth Shooting Programs
Supervised Jr. Shooting Camps in USA
Super Savage Striker Pistol in 6mm BR
Savage Striker 6BR Handgun
SUPER SHOOT -- Pantheon of PPCs
Top Shooters Share Winning Methods
Suppressors: What You Need to Know
Suppressor Purchase, Use, & Maintenance
Sure Feed Vertical-Feed Ammo Caddies
Custom Single- and Twin-Stack Ammo Holders
Surgeon HD Rings with Bubble Level
CNC precision rings with integral level
Surgeon, G.A.P., Rem Tactical Rifles
New Tactical Rigs with Modular Stocks Video
T.K. Nollan’s Barrel Saver Rod Guide
Premium Guide Rod Prevents Bore Damage
Tangent, Secant, Hybrid Ogive Bullets
Tangent and Secant Bullet Shapes Defined Video
Tanner 6BR Prone Rifle
French Tanner 300m Standard Rifle
Target Camera for Long Range
Wireless 1000 Yard Video Camera
Target Scopes
Features and Ratings of Target Scopes
Targets for Download and Printing
FREE Targets for Fun & Competition
Teacher's Pet: Bingham's 6BR
Pacific NW Thumbhole Benchrest Rig
Temp Strips Monitor Barrel Heat
Beat the heat with Temp Strips
Tennessee Tack-Driver
James Phillips' IBS-Record 600-yd 22 Dasher
Tennessee Triple -- VolDoc's Varminters
1000-Yard Prairie Dog Safari
Terje’s TRGs — Norsk Tactical Hunters
Field Review of SAKO TRG-22 and TRG-42
Terry Cross Tactical 260AI
Top Tactical Builder/Shooter Explains Cartridge
Test Skills in Rimfire ‘Sniper’ Matches
Czech Fun Match Scenarios and Targets
The Art and Science of Annealing
Must Read Article on Annealing
The Bear's 6mm Super LR Varminter
Varminter Runs Long-Neck .243 Win Wildcat
The F-Class Winning Formula
Must-Read Article for F-Class Competitors
Tikka T3 Review and Fox-Hunting Tips
Night Fox Hunting with Suppressed Tikka T3
Tips for Varmint Hunts -- Gear and Guns
What to Bring on Varmint Hunt
Titanium Actions from X-Treme Shooting
Titanium Actions Are Much Lighter Than Steel
Tony Boyer's Book of Rifle Accuracy
New 323-page Book from Tony Boyer
Tools for Measuring Case Necks
Micrometers, Tubing Mics, Special Gauges
Top Gun: Humble Henry Rivers
30BR Tuning and Shore Shooting Tips
Top Gunsmiths
Recommended Precision Gunsmiths (USA)
Top Smiths for ARs and Space-Guns
Recommended AR-platform Gunsmiths
Transonic Effects on Bullet Stability & BC
Litz Video on Long-Range Stability
True Brit -- Flash F-Class Rig from the UK
7mm-270 WSM Hydro-Dipped F-Open Rig
Tubb 2000 in 6XC
T2K Features, Stock Adjustments Explained
Tubb High Power DVD
Effective 3-Disc Instructional DVD Video
Turkey Shoot Arcade Game
Fun Free Online Video Game
Twin Millenniums for Two Brothers
A Brother's Gift of Accuracy -- Great Story
Ultralight 6PPC Falling Block
Lightweight Single Shot by E. Arthur Brown
UltraSonic Cartridge Cleaning Tips
How to Get Better Results
UltraSonic Case Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning Methods and Materials
Valdada IOR 36X Benchrest Scope
36X Benchrest Scope was sharp and repeatable.
Varmint Hunter Assn. Range Virtual Tour
VHA 600-Yard Range Facility
Varmint Hunting with Air Rifles
Quiet Varmint Control with Anschütz Airgun
Varmint Silhouette -- California Style
Steel Silhouette Fun Matches, 200 - 600 yards Video
Video Display for Balance Beam Scale
Scale-mounted Vidcam to Laptop Display Video
Video Shows How to Clean AR Rifles
How to field-strip, clean, and maintain ARs
Videos Show the Science of Shooting
NRA Video Series about Shooting Science
Vince's 7mm WSM Record-Breaker
UK 1000-Yard Record-Holder in 7 WSM
Virginia Hog Rifle -- 1/4 MOA Guarantee
22BR by Clay Spencer with 1/4 MOA Guarantee
Visit to Birdog's 'Dasher Dome' Range
Report on Varmint Fun Shoot
Warren's 4200 FPS ".20 Practical"
20 Practical loads plus .22 Cal Conversions
Water Transfer Printing for Rifle Stocks
Apply Patterns or Camo to Any Stock Video
When Scopes Go Bad -- Warning Signs
Scope Tracking and Repeatability Issues
Whidden Bullet Pointing Die
Pointing Die Improves Bullet BC Video
Whidden Gunworks Sizing & Seating Dies
Whidden Dies Make Straight, Accurate Ammo
Whidden Shares Championship Secrets
.243 Win Tuning, Barrel Selection Advice
Whidden's Winning .308 Palma Rifle
LR Nat'l Champ's Winning .308 Win Rifle
Winchester 17 Win Super Mag Rimfire
New 3000 FPS Rimfire Varmint Round
World Record 6x44--the '6BR Long'
Reformed .243 Win Excels at 600-yard Game
Wounded Warrior Goes Distinguished
Disabled Vet Earns Distinguished Rifleman Badge
X-Ray Spectrometry of Cartridge Brass
Cartridge Brass Analyzed by X-Ray Machine
ZCORR Vapor Barrier Gun Storage Bags
ZCORR No-Rust Storage Bags
Zeiss DiaScope 85mm Spotting Scope
Superb with Fast Focus and 20-75X Eyepiece Video