Bald Eagle 20″ Range Bag

Bald Eagle Range BagI have been looking for a bag that can securely carry a large spotting scope as well as chronograph hardware, wind meter, and camera gear — all the extra stuff I typically take to the range in addition to the essential cleaning and shooting products that go in my regular range kit. The folks at Grizzly Industrial told me to check out their new 20″ Range Bag. The new Grizzly Bag, sold under the Bald Eagle label, turned out to be very versatile and well-made. With eyepiece removed, my jumbo-sized Pentax PF-100ED spotting scope fit perfectly inside the padded central compartment. At the same time I could haul ALL the peripherals for my PVM-21 chronograph, plus a camera, wind meter, spare Pentex eyepiece, AND a netbook computer. Without the netbook, there is room for four pistols along the side channels. If you don’t need to pack a large spotting scope, the main compartment could easily hold 3 more pistols in Bore-Store socks, plus holsters, ammo boxes, and earmuffs.

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Watch the video to see how much stuff will fit in this bag. NOTE: If you carry a tripod or windflag stand using the straps under the case lid, be sure to position the foam padding carefully to prevent any direct contact with a spotting scope in the main compartment. Overall, the 20″ Range Bag is a remarkably capable gear-hauler. With the nicely-padded interior it will safely carry expensive items such as laser rangefinders, and binoculars. There is also a slash pocket on the rear side (not shown in video) that will hold thin items such as target stickers and shooting log-books.

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Bald Eagle Range Bag

Smaller, 15″ Range Bag Offered Also — with More Color Choices
The 20″ Bald Eagle Range bag comes in Red or Black and sells for $59.95. Bald Eagle also makes a more compact, 15″-wide version priced at $45.00. The 15″ bag is offered in Navy Blue, Green, Red, and Black. If you don’t need to haul a spotting scope, you may prefer the smaller version.

REVIEW Disclosure: Grizzly Industrial provided the 20″ Range Bag for testing and evaluation.

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