Radical F-TR Stock with Integral Bipod

Wow. If James Bond shot F-TR, we think this is what he might use. You’re looking at the radical new Steve Jennings stock for F-TR competition. This skeletonized stock is crafted to fit the Barnard action. As you can see, there is no conventional fore-arm. Instead a carbon fiber tube extends forward of the action. At the front end of the tube, a fixture hold the beefy, forward-angled, girder-style bipod legs. These legs adjust to two heights, for prone or bench shooting. Large Delrin cylinders at the bottom of the legs provide stability and help resist bipod hop. Cost of the Jennings stock, including bipod legs and bag-rider assembly, is $861.00 at Chesebro Rifles.

Chesebro Rifles Steve Jennings F-TR stock

Chesebro Rifles Steve Jennings F-TR stock

The rear bag-rider, which adjusts for height, is also carried by a carbon-fiber tube that runs from the bottom of the pistol grip back to the buttplate. The bag-rider is attached via an eccentric fixture. This way, as you spin it in and out, the vertical position changes. This allows you to get the elevation centered -up on the target, but this system is not designed for fast changes “on the fly”. Small changes in elevation are made by squeezing the bag.

The tube at the top of the buttplate looks like a skeleton cheekpiece. That is not its function however. That horizontal tube is there for balance and tuning. Jennings found that the gun shoots better with this metal tube on the buttplate — it helps balance the center of mass around the bore axis.

Chesebro Rifles Steve Jennings F-TR stock

Chesebro Rifles Steve Jennings F-TR stockMark Chesebro also offers a complete rifle built around the new Jennings stock. Built with a Barnard Action, Trueflite (NZ) barrel, and Barnard trigger, a complete Jennings F-TR rifle costs $2500.00. For more information on the Steve Jennings F-TR stock, or complete rifles built with this stock, visit ChesebroRifles.com or call (805) 280-5311. We hope to get our hands on one of these rigs for testing very soon!

Field Report by Dave White — This Gun Shoots!

Forum member Dave White has lots of trigger-time with the new Jennings stock. Dave reports that it performs as promised. Dave says:

“I have been shooting one of the early prototypes of this Jennings stock for more than a year. This replaces a $2000 piece of AA Claro with adjustable buttplate, cheek-piece, etc. That is now a safe queen.

Makes Weight — First, many guys have asked about weight. I can tell you that the Jennings rig, set up with my Barnard P action, topped by a Nightforce NXS 5-22×50, will make the FT-R weight limit.

Impressive Accuracy — I have about 600 rounds down-range with it and have seen performance that I could not get with the Palma stock on a Sinclair bipod. I have shot several five-shot groups at 300 yards with all shots in a cloverleaf. Hopefully, next year I will have more 1000-yard range time with the rig.

Steve has eliminated the issue of bedding (though my stock was modified to accept the Warner recoil lug), and that steel bar where one would normally expect a cheekpiece is a very critical component with keeping the center of mass as close to the bore centerline as possible. Shooting very close to free recoil you don’t get your cheek thumped, though I do find a piece of moleskin on that steel is kinder to the skin on a summer day in Utah.

Good Tracking — Also note that the forward rake of the bipod provides a huge footprint for distribution of mass, and this thing tracks backward like it is on a rail.

As to various comments on asthetics, you could say the same thing about modern art or almost any product design, or building since the days of Mies Van Der Rohe. However, the Bauhaus theory of form follows function works! I predict this stock will be showing up in the F-Class winner’s circles, and you can take that to the bank.”

EDITOR’s COMMENT: Now it would be great if Seb Lambang’s joystick bipod head could somehow be adapted to this rig, with the joystick running under the carbon fiber “fore-end”, but still using the forward-angled Jennings girder-style legs and oversize “Coke-Can” bipod feet. That could definitely be a James Bond-worthy F-TR rig.

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