Sure Feed Vertical-Feed Ammo Caddies

Tim Sellars of Fort Worth, Texas makes some of the slickest ammo caddies you’ll find anywhere. These vertical-feed caddies work well and let you shoot very fast from the bench. Tim can customize the height to fit your rifle and rest elevation. Noted gunsmith Thomas ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez reports: “Here’s the new double-stack Sure Feed made by Tim Sellars. This is one he made for me for my PPC. Each column holds 10 rounds plus five additional holes on the side for sighters or for holding a different test load. Tim makes these for all calibers and work great if you need to dump rounds down-range fast. Each consecutive round slides out and goes directly into the chamber without having to orient it into the correct position.” [Photos courtesy Speedy Gonzalez.]

Sellars Sure Feed Ammo Caddy Double Stack

To order a Sure Feed Cartridge Caddy (either the original single-stack or the new double-stack model), send email to sel248 [at], or call Tim at 817-581-7665, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Speedy adds: “Tim is very accommodating and will build just about whatever [size caddy] you want.” Single-column caddies are $85.00 (short) and $95.00 (tall). Call for prices on the double-stack models.

Sure Feed Ammo Caddy

New Flex-Arm for Sure Feed Ammo Caddies
No sooner had we revealed Tim’s double-stack ammo caddy, than we got a call from Tim saying that he was developing a new flex-arm support for his gravity-fed ammo caddies. The advantage of the flex arm is that it allows the vertical position of the caddy to be adjusted for different guns (or different shooter positions). In addition, the arm raises the caddy up off the bench, clearing space for the operation of a joystick on a coaxial front rest.

Tim explains: “At the IBS 1000-yard nationals in West Virginia this year I had a lot of requests for a flex-arm type caddy. Here’s the first prototype — the paint just dried this morning. It works great especially for the joy-stick type rest. This opens up space for the arm movement. The example in the photo has a bracket attaching the flex-arm to the rest. I can fabricate any mount specified. I also plan to offer a magnetic base for the caddy flex-arm for use with ferrous metal front rests.”

Sure Feed Ammo Caddy Flex Arm

Tim hasn’t announced a price for the flex-arm option yet: “The price is still being worked out. I will announce it after some anodizing and aluminum estimates come in. Production should start early January next year”. For more info on Sure Feed Ammo Caddies contact Tim:

Sure Feed Ammo Caddies (Tim Sellars)
4704 Redondo Street
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone: (817) 581-7665 (cell)
eMail: sel248 [at]

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