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Conceived as an authoritative reloading and technical resource for match calibers, the www.6mmBR.com website was launched in 2004. There were many other gun-oriented websites, but none that really focused on rifle accuracy. Rather than hire “gun writers” to write puff pieces, we created our content with the participation of elite shooters, including many National and World Champions. The site quickly acquired a strong following among avid marksmen and hunters who valued a site built by serious shooters, for serious shooters. As one reader explained: “At last — here’s a No-BS site, with solid loading data, and honest gear tests.”

6mmBR.com + AccurateShooter.com
In 2007, we added a companion domain, AccurateShooter.com. This better encompasses the scope of the current site, which covers the whole gamut of accurate rifle shooting, from 3P air rifle, to benchrest competition, to long-range varminting, and even tactical comps.

Over the years the site has grown to include gear reviews, match reports, tech tips, gun profiles, shooter interviews, and our signature Cartridge Guides. In 2007 we launched our Daily Bulletin, which is updated 365 days a year. Today we have 2000+ pages of content and AccurateShooter.com is one of the fastest growing shooting sites on the web, boasting nearly 80,000 visitors each week.

Who Are You Guys?
Our Editor in Chief and site founder is a Harvard-educated former lawyer who created outdoor adventure content for National Geographic and America Online. He has competed in many shooting disciplines including IDPA, Cowboy Action, mid-range Benchrest, Silhouette, and F-Class. He is helped by Assistant Editor Jason Baney, a top-level 1000-yard shooter and Sales Director for EuroOptics. Jay Christopherson, our information systems Manager is a talented long-range and F-Class Shooter. He helps run our Shooters’ Forum, our dedicated ad servers, and the CMS programs that generate our content pages.

Feature Articles, Gear Reviews, and Daily Bulletin blog items come from a variety of shooter/writers including our regular contributors and field testers listed below.

Boyd Allen
Kelly Bachand
Jason Baney
Vince Bottomley
Johnny Fisher
Joe Friedrich

Laurie Holland
Emil Kovan
Mark LaFevers
Bryan Litz
Danny Reever
Dennis Santiago
Robert Whitley

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