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Ad Formats | Traffic & Metrics | Site Profile | Visitor Profile | Client Testimonials | Art Specs and invite Banner Advertising placements. We offer large 300×250, 600×120, and 728×90 ad formats that deliver high response rates (CTR). These larger ads start at $3.75 per thousand impressions (CPM) — price is based on quantity. We also offer flat-rate 468×60 banners, starting at just $150 per quarter, or $600 per year. For just $1.67 per day you can reach a targeted audience of serious shooters.

Huge Audience of Shooting Enthusiasts
The site reaches over 500,000 Users per month, as confirmed by Google Analytics. We average roughly 20-30,000 visits per day through our content sites and Forum. In January 2019, we totaled over 1.3 million visits for the month, and we delivered over 5.3 MILLION pageviews.

Banner Ads run on the home page, at the top of EVERY Message Board page, on the Gun on the Week page, Gun of the Week Archive, Article Archive, and in numerous other locations throughout the site. All Advertisers’ Banner Ads will appear on a dedicated Sponsors Page. For tracking purposes, our ad server logs ad views, click-throughs, and CTR. Advertiser can access stats in real time.

Ad Formats: 728×90, 600×120, 300×250, 468×60, 160×300, 160×240, 125×125 and custom sizes

468×60 Banner

Tier 1 Price: $500/half-year or $999/year
Guaranteed impressions: 1,000,000/year
Effective CPM: $1.00
Tier 2 Price: $300/half-year or $600/year
Guaranteed impressions: 500,000/year
Effective CPM: $1.20

Our highly-effective 468×60 basic banner is an excellent value. Other shooting websites charge as much as $650.00 per quarter for the same size banner, while delivering half as many impressions.

Animated GIF Format

Static 468×60 Format

300×250 Banner
Price: $3.75 CPM
Minimum Buy: 100,000 Impressions
Term Length: Flexible
Rates Subject to Change.

This plan offers the highly effective and versatile 300×250 format. The 300×250 can generate up to 300% more click-throughs than the 468×60 banner for certain product types. NOTE: the 300×250 is also offered for terms as short as two (2) weeks, with CPM pricing.

SAMPLE 300×250 Large Rectangle:
This size is a favored format for Animated GIF, Flash and Video Ads. Large Rectangle Ads generate higher click-through rates than conventional 468×60 banners. We offer 300×250 units on nearly all our editorial pages, and these ads are prominently featured in our Daily Bulletin.

300x250 Banner Ad 300x250 Banner Ad Gif

728×90 Leaderboard
Price: $4.00 CPM
Minimum Buy: 100,000 Impressions
Term Length: Flexible
Rates Subject to Change — Inventory is heavily sold.

The 728×90 Leaderboard is our premium placement. Highly effective, Leaderboards can generate up to four times as many click-throughs as standard 468×60 banners. The 728×90 placement commands the page at the top of the site. We normally sell 728×90 banners as part of a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month package with other ad units. If you wish, you can purchase impressions (100K minimum) for a $4.00 CPM. This short-term leaderboard is ideal for product launches or other special promotions.

Shooters Forum 88×31 Button
Price: $350/month (long term discount available — ask)
Impressions: 1,500,000/mo guaranteed. Midsouth Shooters Precision Reloading Bruno Shooters Supply

This plan gives you a dedicated (non-rotating) button on our Forum and Daily Bulletin. Your button is visible ABOVE the fold on EVERY Page Load. Purchasing a Forum Button ensures that the most active and serious site users, Forum visitors, can reach your online store with just one click. Forum users are actively researching gun gear and eager to buy new products–you couldn’t ask for a better audience. A maximum of six (6) 88×31 buttons are sold each month. This gives your company at least one million impressions a month at a very low CPM–around $0.30 per thousand impressions. Button sponsors also receive a prominent link in our popular AccurateShooter Daily Bulletin.

Medium Right Column Ads (160×300, 160×240, 160×160, 125×125)
In our popular Shooters’ FORUM and Daily Bulletin we offer rectangular and square placements in the right column. These are available as dedicated (one-client) or rotating placements. Pricing is based on size, and the number of impressions you want. Minimum term is two weeks.

Right column ads

Full-Width Banner Advertisement (600×120)
Price: $4.00 CPM (with quantity discounts)

The full-width 600×120 banner is a very effective, eye-catching placement that fills a text column from edge to edge. On a custom basis we can do a double-height (600×240) or triple-height (600×360) full-width banner. This works great for targeted placement on a specific section of the site. We also offer a 160×600 vertical (Skyscraper) format. Google Metrics | has received over 60,000,000 user visits since launching in September, 2004. With over 600,000 visitors per month and over 150,000 unique visitors per week, the site enjoys a larger audience than many prominent print Gun Magazines. And we provide searchable, up-to-date content that doesn’t age like print media. Our readers include many world record holders and top competitive shooters. In the last six years, the site has established itself as “the model for shooting sites on the web.” (G. Salazar,

Google Analytics: Unique Visitors Per Week. Unique Visitors Users

Google Analytics: Unique Visitors Per Month. Unique Visitors Users

Google Analytics: Total Visits Per Month Google Analytics

The site averages 20-30,000 visits per day. We have a huge audience, with over 150,000 Unique Users per week, and over 500,000 Unique Users per month. Our Daily Bulletin Blog averages 15,000 pageviews every day. The Bulletin is read regularly by champion shooters as well as shooting industry decision-makers. Combining our editorial content, Daily Bulletin, and Forum, we recorded over 1.25 MILLION user visits in January, 2019. is now one of the premier shooting sports websites on the Internet.

sponsor advertising value

We guarantee 1,000,000 impressions per year to each 468×60 banner advertiser, who pays $999 per year. A one-year contract has a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) of just $1.00, a great value for targeted advertising. And we normally OVER-deliver on banner impressions, reducing your net CPM on flat-rate contracts.

Another shooting website charges $250 per MONTH for roughly 45,000 impressions per month on a 1-year contract. Plus that website charges a $250.00 “Set-Up” fee. We charge no set-up fee, we guarantee over 83,000 impressions per month, and no
1-year contract is required. Including their Set-Up Fee, six months of advertising with our competitor costs $1750 vs. $499.50 (for twice the impressions) with!

You can pay by check, PayPal, or Mastercard and Visa. Short term placements are billed within two weeks of campaign start. Annual contracts are normally billed twice a year. No refunds after ads commence running. In some cases, we can accept product in trade.

ARTWORK Requirements
Maximum file size is 100kb for 468×60, 180kb for 300×250 or 728×90 (Call for other sizes). We can display GIF, JPEG, PNG, and HTML5 files. For animations we recommend GIFs as they will display on all platforms. If you don’t have artwork, for $75.00 we can create a GIF or JPEG banner for you. Here are ads we built for Baer Custom Rifles, MT Guns, and Shadetree Engineering.

Shadetree Rest Tops

sponsor rave button

Pat Reagin, PMA Tool LLC
I know you’ve heard this from most if not all of your advertisers, but is really the best place to advertise for the precision shooting crowd. By no means am I encouraging you to raise your rates, but your rates are more than reasonable, especially considering the results.

Eric Stecker, Berger Bullets
You have one of the best shooting-related websites around. We are committed to working with as a sponsor. The people who visit your site are real shooters who demand accuracy–and those are the people who buy Berger bullets.

Krieger Barrels is now the premier precision shooting site on the web. This site is read and respected by the people who buy our barrels.

Marsha Williams, Russ Haydon’s Shooters’ Supply
Another big thank you for devising a very successful closing campaign for our business. It has gone so smoothly. Your expertise is spot on.

Preston Pritchett, Surgeon Rifles, Inc.
This is the Best Bang for the Buck of anything we do as far as advertising goes.

Ray Bowman, Precision Rifle Sales
My ad on is making me money — with sales in Australia, the UK, Europe, you name it. This [728×90] ad is the best business move I’ve made this year, the best money I’ve spent this year.

Cory Dickerson, STM (Stainless Tumbling Media)
Your banner space is killer. I think it’s the best money I have spent. 6mmbr has a really great following, and the people know that if it’s up on your web page it has to be something good. Thanks again.

Alex Sitman, MasterClass Stocks, Inc.
Be sure to let me know when my ad is due again. The hits delivered to my site have been outstanding as have the QUALITY orders from some of your viewers. I believe it to be the best advertising money that I have spent in many years, thanks again for doing such a quality job.

Richard Franklin, Richard’s Custom Rifles
Your site has brought me a lot of good business. Just recently I got orders for two $4000 rifles.
I plan to expand my advertising presence because I know this works. When we ran a Big Banner for our DVDs on the home page, we were immediately swamped with dozens of orders.

SITE PROFILE – – – – – – – – | is one of the leading resources for precision shooting on the Internet. We feature new, quality content every week, including our popular Gun of the Week feature, and interviews with many of the nation’s top champions, such as David Tubb and SFC Brandon Green. We offer technical tips from experts like Bryan Litz, and precision reloading advice from National Champions and world-record holders like Derek Rodgers, Sam Hall, and John Whidden. is now a “must-read” for anyone looking for extreme accuracy. And the experts have endorsed what we’re doing: “Your site already has more solid info for guys that really shoot than almost any magazine one can buy” (Ian Robertson, Robertson Composites). “[This] is one of the top four sites on the web for precision shooters.” (Dick Davis, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks). “In terms of technical precision rifle writing and information, it would seem that the torch once carried by American Rifleman, then by Precision Shooting, now resides in the [] site.” (Rust, on Google, MSN, and Yahoo search engines all regularly rank among the Top Five search results.

Our 8000+ pages of content cover a wide variety of calibers: .204 Ruger, 20PPC, 20BR, 22BR, 22PPC, 22 Dasher, 22-250, 6PPC, 6mm BR, 6BRX, 6 Dasher, 6XC, 243 Win, 243 AI, 6mm Rem, 6-284, 6.5 Grendel, 260 AI, 6.5-284, 30BR, .308 Winchester. We are NOT limited to the 6mm BR Norma cartridge! Our editorial mix runs the full gamut of centerfire precision shooting: Short-Range Benchrest, 300m Competition, 600-yard Benchrest, 1000-yard Benchrest, Varmint Silhouette, Varmint Hunting, NRA High-Power, F-Class, F-TR, and Tactical. Our Gear Reviews are among the most respected on the ‘Net. The quality of our photos and layout is unexcelled.

USER PROFILE – – – – – – – – site visitors are active, sophisticated gun enthusiasts. Our audience is composed of serious shooters, would want the best rifles and reloading products money can buy. Nearly all our users reload their own ammo and shoot multiple calibers. 61% of readers surveyed shoot competitively and 31% are varminters. (Survey Results.)

75% of Users have six or more rifles.

63% of Users spend more than $2,000 each year on shooting.

46% of Users spend more than $3,000 each year on shooting.

64% of Users shoot firearms at least once a week.

61% of Users shoot competitively in one or more disciplines.

73% of Users plan to buy a custom action for their next gun.

41% of Users say a full-custom rifle is # 1 on their shopping list.

SEARCH PROMINENCE – – – – – – – – content is highly ranked by the major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our popular Cartridge Guides are Google favorites, consistently showing up in Top Five natural search results. Bulletin articles (including Sponsor Sales and Promotions) come up prominently in Google searches. Our tens of thousands of photos appear in Google Image searches, leading readers to pages with sponsor adverts.

What users are saying about us:

“I would like to say ‘Thank you’ for running the most informative, no-nonsense accurate shooting website out there. I just got back into shooting last year, having never reloaded before, and really never into the accuracy game. I can tell you that what I have learned from your articles and on the forum would have taken many years to learn through trial and error and spending a lot of money experimenting with loads, barrels, etc.; this would be daunting to say the least without a resource like” — Andy Wiese

G’day, Awesome web site. You guys have spent a huge amount of time and effort and it certainly shows. Keep up the good work.” — Muz in OZ (Murray Hicks)

“ is the best shooting site—bar none.” — R. Schatz, NBRSA 600-yd Champion

“Thanks for making your website the most informative SHOOTING site on the internet. Thanks to you, I have been able to come to a decision on which dream rifle to get built. Gunsmith Clay Spencer, action Kelbly’s. I have already been in contact with them.” — Mike Darlow

“Just wanted to let you know what a superb site you have. I am a 6PPC BR competitor and roam Benchrest.Com extensively. I just surfed around and must say it is perhaps the finest shooting web site I have seen! Great work.” — Jeff Stover, IBS President

“Thank you for the site. I’ve learned more in the 11 months I’ve been on your site than I did in 40 years of reloading and target shooting.” — Rick Clark

“To make a long story short, this website is my go-to guide for precision shooting. The information available on this website has bettered my education in precision shooting, my game and my supplies and equipment.” — Scott Murphy

“[Without question] the best done shooting web site on the internet.” — Boyd Allen

“Since I found your site last year I have devoured nearly everything on it. I have been building target and varmint guns since 1981, and 6mmBR is the best source of information I have ever run across.” — Ray Walters

“This website has got to be one of the best on the Internet! I have been considering a 6BR and had a lot of unanswered questions. In short time I found the answer to EVERY question I had about this extraordinary cartridge.” — Glenn

“Great looking site. I can’t believe how fast the graphics load even on a dial up when I’m on the road. Better yet it doesn’t freeze up my admittedly ancient laptop. Unique, or close to it is all of the information on smiths, barrelmakers, stockmakers, action makers and gadget makers. Even scopes. Even the wildcat forms of the cartridge.” — Rust

“Here’s a donation. This is the best site on the www.” — C. Wetherington

“Thank you for the help. This site is by far the best shooting site out there.” — Jon Kujawa

“I have been accessing the 6mmBR/AccurateShooter site frequently over the past 6 months enjoying all the various articles. I even had two 6 BR rifles built by Richard Franklin (I was convinced that [it] would be a great ‘hog’ rifle). I just picked up the rifles a couple of weeks ago and I’m very happy with the performance. In perusing the site, it appeared to me that someone or some group was contributing great effort as evidenced by the quality of the site. [My] donation was intended, in part, to indicate my appreciation for all the work that goes into maintaining this excellent site…. I feel it is I that owe you folks a thank-you for all your efforts.” — J. DeMeo

“I am new to the 6mmBR/AccurateShooter site and am of the opinion it the best precision shooting site on the net. Great work.” — R. Waugh, Australia

Thank you for all of the great info on your site. I entered and won my first f-class match last weekend shooting a 6BR, without your site I probably would never have considered building a rifle for this caliber that has become my favorite. — Ben Winget, MN

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