Top Smiths for ARs and Space-Guns

Best gunsmiths for ARs, Spaceguns, Service Rifles

White Oak Precision AR15 UpperWhile the modular AR15 platform lends itself to do-it-yourself modifications, most AR shooters do need pro gunsmith help on original builds and a major upgrads such as fitting a new barrel. A good, AR-savvy gunsmith can also help you tune your rifle for enhanced performance. has a list of Recommended Gunsmiths. Most of the smiths listed on our Gunsmith Page specialize in bolt-action rifles, for Benchrest, varminting, and long-range. While some do work on AR15s and “space-guns”, this is not their primary focus.

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If you need a first-rate gunsmith for a service rifle, Sinclair International has compiled its own list of smiths including highly respected names. For service rifles (including AR types), Sinclair recommends the following:

Phil Arrington (Service Rifle)
Arrington Accuracy Works
1408 West Ross Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone: (623) 582-5066

Compass Lake Eng. (Service Rifle)
719 White Dr
Alford, FL 32420
Phone: (850) 579-1208

Fulton Armory (Service Rifle & Parts)
8725 Bollman Pl., #1
Savage, MD 20763
Phone: (301) 490-9485

Derrick Martin (Service Rifle)
Accuracy Speaks, Inc.
3960 N. Usery Pass Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85207
Phone: (480) 373-9499

Medesha Firearms (Service Rifle)
10321 E Adobe Rd
Mesa, AZ 85207
Phone: (480) 986-5876

Albert Turner Enterprises (Service Rifle)
38327 W. Mountain View Road
Tonopah, AZ 85354
(623) 696-5843

Bill Wylde (Service Rifle)
Wylde & Co.
PO Box 261
Greenup, IL 62428
Phone: (217) 923-3266

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Precision Adjustable Buttstock White Oak HolligerTo Sinclair’s list we would definitely add John Holliger of White Oak Precision. John built the upper for the Smith & Wesson M&P AR with which Carl Bernosky won the Camp Perry High Power Championship in 2007. This marked the first time an AR-style semi-auto has won that event. John also builds many outstanding components for AR-style rifles, including windage-adjustable front sight bases, and the White Oak Precision Adjustable Buttstock (right).

John Holliger
White Oak Precision
101 South Perry
Carlock, IL 61725
Phone: (309) 376-2288

If you are looking for ultra-accurate, high-quality 6mm uppers for ARs and Spaceguns chambered for the 6mmAR and 6mmAR Turbo (based on the 6.5 Grendel case), contact Robert Whitley at AR-X Enterprises, (215) 348-8789. Robert’s uppers are built from the highest grade components and he uses premium barrels. Robert’s uppers shoot extremely well.

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