Stinger Missile Box for Rifle Transport

$200 Surplus Stinger Box Transformed into Roomy, Rugged Gun Hauler

Cabelas safari gun caseYou have to hand it to the Texans. Forum member Paul Scott (aka “FTRinTexas”), has created a sturdy double-gun case from a surplus Stinger Missile transport box. What could be more “Tacti-Cool” than hauling your favorite rifle in a missile case? The 5.5-foot-long aluminum Stinger box is big enough to fit two, long-barreled match rifles side by side, stowed vertically, toaster-style. There’s extra room inside for a spotting scope and other accessories. With a little effort (and some after-market foam), the Stinger box can be converted into a very practical (and rugged) gun case.

The converted Stinger box is also an attention-getter according to Paul: “Other guys at the range definitely do a double-take when you haul a missile case out of your truck! They’re kind of disappointed when I open the lid and they see there are only rifles inside.”

Stinger Missile Box Gun Case

On the outside, the Stinger missile transport boxes measure roughly 66″ x 12″ x 13″?. Usable inside length is just under 62″. That’s nearly a foot longer than a typical long-range benchrest rifle with 30″ barrel — so you have plenty of clearance. As received from Uncle Sam, with hard foam internal cradles, the boxes weigh about 53 pounds. The boxes are watertight and are fitted with air relief valves, but they do not have key-locks. However, it is pretty easy to retrofit a hasp lock for security.

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Advantages of Side-by-Side (Vertical) Rifle Cases
For wide-forearm rifles with big scopes, we have always liked the vertical storage (drop-in style) cases such as the Plano AirGlide. Vertical placement allows the gun’s weight to rest on the stock with no side-pressure applied to the scope turrets. We’ve asked Plano to make a double-gun case of a similar design, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Cabelas safari gun caseThere are companies that make large, metal-bodied safari cases that stow two rifles vertically, side-by-side. These cases are super-secure, but they are also very expensive. Cabela’s side-by-side Safari Case costs $399.00, and it will only hold rifles up to about 50″ overall length. Ziegel Engineering makes a beautiful two-rifle, top-loading Expedition case, but it costs $639.95, and is also limited to a 50″ rifle OAL.

The Stinger Solution — Inexpensive, Rugged Side-By-Side Storage
Paul Scott was clever to source a Stinger Box and transform it into a side-by-side double rifle case. With over five FEET (61.5″) of internal length, the box will secure guns with barrels up to 38″ with ease. And the Stinger box is wide enough to hold two F-Class guns side-by-side with plenty of clearance. Stinger boxes come with an O-ring seal, air relief valve, and handles on each end. Hasp locks are easily added, as are wheels (just slide an axle through the lower “bumper” flange on the box end.)

Cabelas safari gun case

As received from Uncle Sam, a surplus Stinger storage box needs some modification to work as a double rifle case. Paul removed most of the internal foam padding from the lower section, and then used an electric knife to carve cradles to support the two rifles under the forearms and buttstocks. The original hard foam blocks in the Stinger box lid were replaced with closed cell foam like that used in Pelican cases. Paul found that the new foam in the lid would press down on the scopes’ elevation knobs, so he cut round holes in the top foam to provide additional turret clearance.

Cabelas safari gun case

As you can see in the photos, Paul had enough room forward of the rifles to stow his spotting scope and disassembled spotting scope stand. Paul simply placed another layer of foam in the bottom of the box and then cut the foam to fit the equipment. Another foam layer can be placed over the spotting scope and stand to prevent slippage during shipment.

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If you are interested in making your own double-gun case from a Stinger box, email PScott [at] . Paul has a few extra Stinger boxes he may be willing to sell for under $200.00 each. Each of these Stinger Missile containers cost Uncle Sam $2066.00 originally! Paul charges actual UPS shipping, which should run from $30-$50 depending on far you are from Paul’s Texas home. The photo below shows the Stinger transport box before modification.

Cabelas safari gun case

Adding Wheels to Your Stinger Box
It is very easy to add wheels to a Stinger Box. Start by sliding a solid axle through the horizontal “bumper” on one end. Add spacers, wheels, cotter pins and … Voilà, you have a wheeled double-gun transporter. Shown below is Paul Scott’s wheeled Stinger box: “The wife found a old hand truck dolly with 10? no-flat wheels. Put the axle through the aft bottom bumper and secured it with 1/2? pipe clamps. The spacer is 1/2? irrigation pipe cut to fit and adapted for cotter pins. The 10? wheels are perfect to fit in the box.”

Stinger Missile Gun Case with Wheels

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